Training Materials

Learn more about best practices in volunteer recruitment and engagement, and how to get the results you need.

NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Library Shelving Quiz
This quiz could be used as part of your training for volunteers who do shelving. See also:… more
Job Specific Volunteer Training Shelving, shelver 2023
How to Build a Truly Inclusive Nonprofit Volunteer Program
In 2023, the Assessing Diversity and Equity in Volunteer Involvement (ADEVI) project started with a survey of 564 individuals with a Certification in… more
Staff Training diversity, equity, inclusion 2023
How to Recruit and Retain Gen Z Volunteers
Interesting facts and trends about Gen Z presented by Gen Z members themselves.
Slides available here:… more
Capacity Building Gen Z, Recruitment 2023
Introduction to the Purpose-Driven Vounteer Impact Model
Volunteers contribute to a library’s mission, labor, donations, awareness, and reputation. Yet, reports about volunteers often omit these… more
Staff Training impact, outcome measurement, Data Management 2023
Mirror, Mirror on the wall - The role of self-awareness in equity work
Take a moment to read this very brief article about how to be more self aware while doing equity work.
Staff Training diversity, equity, inclusion 2023
5 Myths About Volunteer Engagement
Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies prepared a 4 - 5 minute YouTube video on each of her top 5 Volunteer Engagement Myths. They can… more
Staff Training myths 2023
Bibliography on Volunteer Engagement
Bibliography and Web Resources on Volunteer Engagement developed by Carla Lehn
Capacity BuildingStaff Training bibliography, Lehn 2023
Creating Innovative Volunteer Recognition Strategies
This webinar was presented for the Get Involved initiative by Jennifer Bennett, Director of Education and Training at VolunteerMatch on April 19,… more
Staff Training recognition 2023
Gamifying Volunteer Training
gDo volunteers cringe when you bring up the subject of training? The author argues that gamifying volunteer training can be an effective way to build… more
Volunteer OrientationJob Specific Volunteer TrainingStaff Training Gamifying, Gamification 2023
When and Where to Use Volunteer Replacement Rates (Or Not) for Volunteer Value
In this 2023 blog post, Dr. Sue Carter Kahl thoughtfully discusses the pros and cons of using volunteer dollar values. The most common forms of wage… more
Staff Training ROI, Return on Investment 2023
Up Your Game with Skills-Based Volunteering
A discussion of skills-based volunteering which can be provided through specialized volunteer-matching organizations.
Staff TrainingCapacity Building Skilled Volunteers 2023
It's Spring: Let's Renew/Reinvigorate/Revamp Volunteer Engagement
This one-hour live online meeting was held on April 20, 2023 and features library volunteer engagement leaders sharing their thoughts on how to… more
Staff Training Recruitment, job descriptions, recognition 2023
Makerspace Volunteer Training Examples
Many thanks for these Makerspace Volunteer Training Examples – from San Mateo County Libraries – Check out their online training for maker volunteers… more
Job Specific Volunteer Training maker space, Niche Academy, online training 2023
The Value – and Potential – of Virtual Volunteers
This April 2023 webinar led by Jennifer Bennett, Director of Education and Training for VolunteerMatch also featured staff leaders from Junior… more
Engaging High Impact VolunteersCapacity Building virtual, remote 2023
Talking racial equity? Make sure you understand these 17 words
A shared vocabulary is the necessary first step for discussing racial equity. This glossary of terms might be helpful.
Capacity BuildingStaff Training diversity, equity, inclusion 2023
Best Practices for Recruiting and Engaging Volunteers from Zoomers to Boomers
This April 2023 webinar led by Jennifer Bennett, Director of Education and Training for VolunteerMatch also featured staff leaders from AARP and… more
Baby BoomersMillennials boomers, Millenials 2023
Volunteer Matching: Finding the Right Role for Every Volunteer
Fitting each volunteer with the right role is critical to success.
Engaging High Impact VolunteersCapacity BuildingStaff Training job descriptions, placement, onboarding, interview 2023
Memorializing Volunteer Experiences Without Harming the Community You Serve
This video clip was prepared for the Get Involved Initiative by Breauna Dorelus of Connecting the Cause - After… more
Staff Training social media, diversity, equity, inclusion, White Saviorism 2022
How to Align Your Mission with Millennials and Civic Engagement
America’s millennials are poised to reshape society to a greater degree than any generation since the Greatest Generation. As 2 million baby boomers… more
Millennials Millennials 2022
10 Must Have's for a Well-Crafted Volunteer Job Description
Great reminders about what every volunteer job description should contain.
Capacity BuildingStaff Training job descriptions, Position Descriptions 2022