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Checklist to Minimize the Most Common Volunteer Risks

A good basic list of issues to consider and how to approach them.

Capacity Building Staff Training
Training Materials 2016
Minor Volunteer Waiver - Fresno County, CA

Sample waiver form for a parent to sign to allow their minor child to volunteer at the Fresno County Library.

Teen Volunteer Applications
Management Tool 2011
Nonprofit Volunteers: Minimizing the Risk

Minimizing legal exposure is important because volunteers’ acts are generally imputed to the nonprofit organization.
Capacity Building Staff Training

Training Materials 2013
Storytime Conductor Volunteer Agreement - Roseville, CA

Sample agreement prepared by the Roseville Public Library for review and signature by their "Storytime Conductor" volunteers.

Volunteer Agreements
Management Tool 2011
Volunteer Ethics & Risk Management: Should You Bring Volunteers In?

This blogpost on ethics and volunteer liability and risk management was prepared by Toby Johnson during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.

Staff Training
Training Materials 2020
Volunteer Release Form - Austin Public Library - TX

This is the Volunteer Release Form developed and used by the Austin Texas Public Library.

Volunteer Agreements Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2020
Volunteer Risk & Screening Levels - Barrie Public Library Ontario, Canada

This matrix, developed and used by the Barrie Public Library in Ontario Canada identifies 5 levels of risk associated with volunteer posi

Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2021