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10 Must Have's for a Well-Crafted Volunteer Job Description

Great reminders about what every volunteer job description should contain.

Training Materials job descriptions, Position Descriptions 2022
22 Simple Tips for Managing Virtual Volunteers

Help with planning for, implementing and managing volunteers who work remotely.

Training Materials virtual, virtual volunteer, remote 2021
5 Myths About Volunteer Engagement

Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies prepared a 4 - 5 minute YouTube video on each of her top 5 Volunteer Engagement Myth

Training Materials myths 2023
A Few Pointers on the Unpleasant Topic of Firing Volunteers

Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph.D. discusses some of the "whys" and "hows" on this important topic.

Training Materials Fire, dismiss, problem 2015
A Savior No One Needs: Unpacking and Overcoming the White Savior Complex

White savior complex is a term that’s used to describe white people who consider themselves wonderful helpers to

Training Materials diversity, equity, inclusion 2021
An Introduction to Ethics for the Volunteer Engagement Profession

Katie Campbell, former Executive Director of the CCVA (Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration) and Ethics Editor

Training Materials Ethics 2023
Are You in a Volunteer Management Silo?

A classic piece by Susan Ellis describing why we need to get out of our comfort zone and expand our thinking once in a while.

Training Materials Professional Development 2017
Are Young People Replacing Older People as the Key Volunteering Group?

A brief look at volunteering trends and key takeaways during COVID-19.

Training Materials COVID-19, generations, Millennials 2020
Asking Inclusive Questions About Gender

Things to consider when listing gender questions on your application or survey

Training Materials inclusive, equity, diversity, Gender 2023
Bibliography on Volunteer Engagement

Bibliography and Web Resources on Volunteer Engagement developed by Carla Lehn

Training Materials bibliography, Lehn 2023
Book to Action Project- Santa Barbara Public Library

Book-to-Action Programs 2012: Bringing programs about the environment to Santa Barbara Public Library libraries (Green @ Your Library), i

Training Materials Book to action, community service, teen volunteers, environment 2012
Branch Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement - San Jose, CA

Job Description used by San Jose Public Library for staff responsible for volunteer engagement in a library branch or unit.

Management Tool staff training 2010
Building Better COVID-Related Volunteer Roles

VolunteerPro's approach to re-tooling our volunteer engagement during COVID-19.

Training Materials job descriptions, COVID-19, needs assessment 2020
Building Capacity: Strategic Volunteer Engagement

In this Points of Light blog post, the point is made that organizations that build a culture of volunteerism, and purposefully embed volu

Training Materials Strategic 2018
Can We Reject a Volunteer?

What do you do when someone applies to volunteer and you realize they will not work out?

Training Materials Fire, reject, complaints 2018
Changing the Frame: Civic Engagement Through A Racial Equity Lens

Since Robert Putnam’s book Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital came out in 2000, policymakers, nonprofit funders,

Training Materials diversity, equity, inclusion 2022
Checking Criminal Histories: Considerations Before You Begin

Thinks to take into consideration as you determine your use of criminal history background checks, including relevant offenses and applic

Training Materials background checks, criminal background check
Checklist to Minimize the Most Common Volunteer Risks

A good basic list of issues to consider and how to approach them.

Training Materials Risk Management 2016
Co-Creating Racial Equity in Volunteer Engagement - MAVA

The Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement has been conducting research and education on race equity in volunteerism for 5 years.

Training Materials diversity, equity, inclusion 2021
Connecting with Today's Volunteers to Transform the Friends of the Library

This one hour webinar was presented in September 2019 by Carla Lehn for the Friends of Libraries section of the New York Library Associat

Training Materials Friends of the Library