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"Holds Hunter" Volunteer COVID-19 Procedure Changes - Cedar Rapids IA

Procedural changes developed for volunteer "Hold Hunters" by the Cedar Rapids Iowa Public Library during 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

Training Materials COVID-19 2020
10 Must Have's for a Well-Crafted Volunteer Job Description

Great reminders about what every volunteer job description should contain.

Training Materials job descriptions, Position Descriptions 2022
2016 Arizona Volunteering Report

Arizona State University's Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation's 2016 Summary Report of their survey and

Training Materials Arizona 2016
A Different Kind of Volunteer Work: More companies are encouraging empoloyees to donate their professional expertise

This brief September, 2017 Wall Street Journal article speaks to societal factors leading to the increase in corporate pro bono programs.

Training Materials 2017
Addressing Issues of Equity in Volunteerism

A brief article on this important subject with some ideas about where to look and what to do.

Training Materials diversity, equity, inclusion 2021
Are Young People Replacing Older People as the Key Volunteering Group?

A brief look at volunteering trends and key takeaways during COVID-19.

Training Materials COVID-19, generations, Millennials 2020
Arizona's Buckeye Library Shares it's Experience with Get Involved

In this 6 minute video, Krista Cornish, Buckeye Library's (AZ) Volunteer Engagement Coordinator shares her library's experience

Training Materials 2019
Beware of These 6 Trends Lurking in Your Volunteer Program

This brief article from November 2019 delineates troubling trends about volunteer engagement programs gleaned from the most recent Volunt

Training Materials 2019
Bibliography on Volunteer Engagement

Bibliography and Web Resources on Volunteer Engagement developed by Carla Lehn

Training Materials bibliography, Lehn 2022
Book Drop Helper and Sorter Training - Boulder CO

This powerpoint training was created for Book Drop Helper and Sorter Volunteers returning to service during COVID-19.

Training Materials COVID-19, Book Drop 2020
Book Drop Helper and Sorter Training Video #2 - Boulder CO

This video was created as a portion of the training for Book Drop Helper and Sorter Volunteers returning to service during COVID-19.

Training Materials COVID-19, Book Drop 2020
Book to Action Project- Santa Barbara Public Library

Book-to-Action Programs 2012: Bringing programs about the environment to Santa Barbara Public Library libraries (Green @ Your Library), i

Training Materials Book to action, community service, teen volunteers, environment 2012
Brave New World of Engaging Skilled Volunteers

Have you thought about how volunteers with specific skills could help ?

Training Materials VolunteerMatch, Volunteer Recruitment, LinkedIn 2015
Build Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement

Often one of the biggest challenges to a new model of volunteer engagement is the resistance of paid staff.

Training Materials Staff Resistance, staff buy-in 2018
Building Back Better: Assessing Needs & Identifying New Opportunities

This is the recording of a 1 hour webinar presented by

Training Materials COVID-19, trends, strategic planning, planning 2022
Building Better COVID-Related Volunteer Roles

VolunteerPro's approach to re-tooling our volunteer engagement during COVID-19.

Training Materials job descriptions, COVID-19, needs assessment 2020
Building Better Library Volunteer Programs - Australia

This paper was written by Dr.

Training Materials Prestney, Lehn, Get Involved, Australia 2014
Building Capacity Through Volunteer Leadership

In a world where people are increasingly time poor, volunteering competes with work, family and leisure activities.

Management Tool leadership 2018
Building Capacity: Strategic Volunteer Engagement

In this Points of Light blog post, the point is made that organizations that build a culture of volunteerism, and purposefully embed volu

Training Materials Strategic 2018
Capacity Commons Guidebook on Skills-Based Volunteerism

This guidebook will help you prepare your organization for the idea of utilizing skills-based volunteers, help you scope out the project(

Training Materials Skilled Volunteers, Skills Based Volunteers 2019