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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Book to Action- Oceanside Public Library, CA
Learn about Book to Action, an innovative approach to convening a book discussion, author event and service projects that benefits the community.
Branch Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement - San Jose, CA
Job Description used by San Jose Public Library for staff responsible for volunteer engagement in a library branch or unit.
Branch Volunteer Liaison - Yuma County Library AZ
The Yuma County Library District has a staff member at each of their branches who plays the role of Branch Volunteer Liaison for their branch. The role and expectations for each of those Branch Liaisons is described in this document.
Building Capacity Through Volunteer Leadership
In a world where people are increasingly time poor, volunteering competes with work, family and leisure activities. As a result, many individuals are seeking a more meaningful volunteer role which provides greater impact. Simultaneously, a key challenge for volunteer involving organisations is the necessity to deliver more for less; to drive a greater return on investment. One way Volunteer Managers are able to address these needs is through the development of volunteer leadership roles.
Celebrate Collective Accomplishments, Not Volunteered Time
Despite many obstacles, we tend to plan volunteer recognition events in a bubble of happiness. One day a year the executive director shows up and says glowing things. Everyone applauds while volunteers are praised for logging in hours. Etc., etc. And then the event ends and things go back to normal. What happens during a recognition event is almost always in the total control of the leader of volunteer involvement. So let’s approach it strategically. Set some real goals. . .
Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking the Value of Volunteers
What if the way nonprofits and companies are currently engaging volunteers is all wrong? How can we make sure we’re strategically involving the core value of volunteers to provide maximum impact? This one hour webinar describes the key principles of the Reimagining Service initiative, and provides an overview of research that shows that organizations that strategically leverage volunteers outperform peer organizations on all measures of organizational capacity, AND have greater impact.
Computer Coach Name Badge - Huntington Beach, CA
Name Badges worn by Huntington Beach Public Library's Computer Coach volunteers.
Computer Coach Poster 1 - Huntington Beach, CA
Poster used by Huntington Beach Public Library to advertise services and hours for their Computer Coach program.
Computer Coach Poster 2 - Huntington Beach, CA
Poster used in Huntington Beach to attract people who need the services of a computer coach.
Computer Coach Recruitment Flyer - Huntington Beach, CA
Flyer used to help recruit volunteers to be "Computer Coaches" at the Huntington Beach Public Library.