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3 Ways to Recognize Volunteers Volunteer appreciation can be tough, because not all volunteers like to be thanked in the same way. Here are three great ideas to make your "Thank Yous" appreciated. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Celebrate Collective Accomplishments, Not Volunteered Time Despite many obstacles, we tend to plan volunteer recognition events in a bubble of happiness. One day a year the executive director shows up and says glowing things. Everyone applauds while volunteers are praised for logging in hours. Etc., etc. And then the event ends and things go back to normal. What happens during a recognition event is almost always in the total control of the leader of volunteer involvement. So let’s approach it strategically. Set some real goals. . . Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Don't Just Recognize Volunteers, Invest in Them . . . and in Yourself Rather than spending time and money on the typical recognition event or gift, consider taking the time to recognize their talents and invest in your volunteers. Consider helping volunteers to evolve within your organization to explore new challenges or assume leadership responsibilities. (Energize, Inc., Blogpost, 2018) Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Idealist's Volunteer Management Resouce Center Idealist's collection of volunteer management resources. Capacity Building screening, recognition, volunteer training Management Tool
Recognizing Online Volunteers and Using the Intern In this article, Jayne Cravens describes how to use the Internet to recognize the efforts of ALL volunteers, both those who perform most of their service from home, work, school or other remote computers, and those who perform their service onsite, face-to-face. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Rethinking Volunteer Recognition This 2018 archived Webinar from Verified Volunteers presents research shows that there is a disconnect between what volunteers are seeking in terms of recognition and what organizations actually are providing and describes how you can rethink recognition and consider how your organization can align recognition efforts more closely with what volunteers actually want. Learning Objectives: • Become familiar with the latest research on volunteer recognition and how proper screening fits into this big picture • Gain tools to assess your organization’s culture of appreciation • Understand how to tailor recognition to different volunteer motivational styles • Learn to plan strategically for volunteer recognition Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers recognition Training Materials
Sample Volunteer Survey - Nonprofit Connect Here's a sample volunteer recognition survey you could consider modifying to meet your needs. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Volunteer Appreciation Guide is Volunteer Appreciation Guide is a free resource developed by Wild Apricot to offer tips and advice for volunteer programs just getting started with or looking to refresh their volunteer recognition planning and procedures. Capacity Building recognition Training Materials
Volunteer Recognition Model - University of Kentucky, 4-H This model was developed as a tool for Extension agents and volunteer administrators to use in designing their own comprehensive volunteer recognition program. It may give you some ideas about how to plan for recognition. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Volunteer Recognition: Just Say No To Years of Service Awards In this 15 minute podcast, Carol Dixon, Director of Mission Services & Volunteer Resources at Providence Health Care, draws on over 35 years in volunteer engagement (and a healthy sense of humour!) to provide a number of examples of high-impact volunteer recognition that won’t break the bank. From Carol’s vantage point, the key is to invest in thoughtful, individualized volunteer recognition. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool


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