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3 Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Volunteer appreciation can be tough, because not all volunteers like to be thanked in the same way.

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Active Volunteer Survey - San Mateo County Libraries

Survey of current active volunteers used by the San Mateo County Libraries.

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Beyond the Thank You Card: Meaningful Volunteer Appreciation

Liza J. Dyer, CVA, has been working and volunteering in the nonprofit and public sectors for more than 15 years.

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Celebrate Collective Accomplishments, Not Volunteered Time

Despite many obstacles, we tend to plan volunteer recognition events in a bubble of happiness.

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Don't Just Recognize Volunteers, Invest in Them ... and in Yourself

Rather than spending time and money on the typical recognition event or gift, consider taking the time to recognize their talents and inv

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Guidelines for Virtual Recognition - San Jose Public Library CA

San Jose Public Library developed these guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 in order to guide staff in recognition of volunte

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Sample Volunteer Survey - Nonprofit Connect

Here's a sample volunteer recognition survey you could consider modifying to meet your needs.

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Sample Volunteer Week Thank You Letter from Library Director

Sample letter from the State Librarian to agency volunteers during National Volunteer week.

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Staff Volunteer Appreciation Survey - Cedar Rapids IA

The Cedar Rapids Public Library uses this survey to gain feedback about volunteer engagement from staff.

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The Volunteer Perspective - Industry Insights 2019

Sterling Volunteers surveyed over 7,000 volunteers to get their thoughts and opinions on a wide range of important topics facin

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Using the Internet to Recognize Online Volunteers

In this article, Jayne Cravens describes how to use the Internet to recognize the efforts of ALL volunteers, both those who perform most

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Volunteer Appreciation Plan - Indianapolis Public Library

Indianapolis Public Library's Volunteer Recognition Plan, 2024.

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Volunteer Appreciation: Not just a week, but a culture

National Volunteer Appreciation Week (which always falls on the third week of April) can be a helpful reminder to get intentional about t

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Volunteer Exit Interview Example

Without a library example of a volunteer Exit Interview, we found this one which can be used as an initial template.

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Volunteer Recognition: Just Say No To Years of Service Awards

In this 15 minute podcast, Carol Dixon, Director of Mission Services & Volunteer Resources at Providence Health Care, draws on over 3

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Volunteer Recognition: Matching Motivation to Rewards

A great summary of findings on volunteer recognition and why people volunteer from Volunteer Alberta from the Canada volunteer survey.

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What Tax Free Benefits Can Nonprofits Give Volunteers?

This brief article suggests that offering rewards for volunteer work can entice people to work, but warns to make sure anything you provi

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When Recognition Hurts Recruitment (and what we might do about it)

Ask yourself if how you’re publicizing volunteer recognition might be sending an unwanted message to new potential recruits

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