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Confidentiality Agreement - Huntington Beach, CA

Form signed by Volunteers regarding confidentiality of library information.

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Confidentiality of Customer Records Form - Ontario, California

This document from the Ontario City Library states their Confidentiality policy for Customer Records, and provides a space for both emplo

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Confidentiality Policy - San Bernardino County, CA

Confidentiality policy for review by volunteers before signing their volunteer agreement.

Management Tool Confidentiality Policy 2010
Sample Confidentiality Agreement - VolunteerMatch

Shared by Jennifer Bennett of VolunteerMatch during her June 27, 2018 webinar: New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit.

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Sample Confidentiality Statement

I was asked to sign this form to become a grant-writing volunteer with an organization I care about in Hawaii.

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Tutor & Learner Responsibilities - Carlsbad CA

These lists of responsibilities are used in preparing new adult learners and volunteer tutors for their roles at the Carlsbad City Librar

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Visiting Library Service Client Intake Form - Barrie Public Library

Form used by the Barrie Public Library to gather information from new potential users of their Visiting Library Service.

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Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement - Santa Clarita, CA

This is the Santa Clarita Library's document that all volunteers sign to assure protection of library patrons' right to privacy

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Volunteer Confidentiality Policy - Columbus Metropolitan Library - OH

This form is used with volunteers at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Ohio.

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Volunteer Confidentiality Policy - Dauphin County PA

Volunteer Confidentiality statement used by the Dauphin County Library System.

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Volunteer Confidentiality Policy - Long Beach Public Library CA

This statement of confidentiality for volunteers is used by the Long Beach Public Library's Center for Adaptive Technology.

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Volunteer Confidentiality Policy -Barrie Public Library - Ontario, Canada

This document is used by the Barrie Public Library in Ontario Canada.

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Volunteer Guidelines - Lake Travis Community Library (TX)

This is a great two-page volunteer guidelines document that includes some nice policy wording and a terrific compact and readable format

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Volunteer Orientation Packet - Sherwood OR

Policy handbook used with volunteers by the City of Sherwood Oregon.

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Volunteer Service Agreemenmt - Oceanside, CA

Oceanside (CA) Public Library's volunteer agreement -- includes their confidentiality policy.

Management Tool Confidentiality Policy 2018