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Form for Staff to Request Volunteers - Arlington Heights IL

Form used by the Arlington Heights Memorial Library's Volunteer Engagement Coordinator for staff to request volunteers.

Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers
Management Tool 2022
Form for Staff to Request Volunteers - Sherwood OR

This form is used by the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator in Sherwood Oregon for staff to request volunteers.

Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers
Management Tool 2022
Homebound Delivery Driver Agreement - Arlington Heights IL

This form is signed by all volunteers driving their own cars to deliver materials to the homebound for the Arlington Heights Memorial Lib

Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2022
Sample Confidentiality Statement

I was asked to sign this form to become a grant-writing volunteer with an organization I care about in Hawaii.

Confidentiality Policies
Management Tool 2022
Volunteer Application - Paso Robles, CA

Sample adult volunteer application

Adult Volunteer Applications
Management Tool 2011
Volunteer Policies and Procedures - California State Library

Policies and procedures manual, including forms, used by the California State Library for their volunteer program.

Adult Volunteer Applications Volunteer Agreements Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2010
Volunteer Reference Check Form - Indianapolis IN

Volunteer Reference Check form from the Indianapolis Public Library.

Volunteer Handbooks Volunteer Screening / Interviewing
Management Tool 2022
Worker's Comp Coverage/VolunteerAgreement - Paso Robles, CA

Describes both library and volunteer responsibilities of the volunteer relationship, including acknowledgement of Worker's Comp cove
Volunteer Agreements

Management Tool 2011
Youth Volunteer Application - Huntington Beach, CA

This Youth Vlunteer Application from Huntington Beach includes information for the adult, and requires an adult signature.

Teen Volunteer Applications
Management Tool 2013