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Creating a Community-Centered Volunteer Orientation

This video clip was prepared for the Get Involved Initiative by Breauna Dorelus of Connecting the Cause -

Staff Training Volunteer Orientation
Training Materials 2022
Designing Volunteer Training in Niche Academy

This webinar was presented on March 27, 2024 by Join us to hear Jessica Link, Library Volunteer Supervisor, Cedar Rapids Public Library (

Staff Training Volunteer Orientation Job Specific Volunteer Training
Training Materials 2024
First Day Volunteer Orientation Checklist - Kitchener Public Library

This checklist is used by the Kitchener Public Library for a volunteer's first day of orientation/training.

Volunteer Orientation
Training Materials 2022
How to Design Volunteer Training that Helps (Not Hurts) Learning

A brief article that provides principles of learning theory in usable form to the design of volunteer training.

Capacity Building Job Specific Volunteer Training Staff Training Volunteer Orientation
Training Materials 2013
QuickStart Guide for New Volunteers

Not a library, but a lovely example to get ideas from.

Volunteer Orientation
Training Materials 2022
Virtual Volunteer Orientation - San Jose CA

This online training was developed to introduce new volunteers to the San José Public Library and provide a basic overview of the volunte

Engaging High Impact Volunteers Capacity Building
Training Materials 2020
Volunteer Orientation and Training: The Ultimate Guide

A 2022 article from Wild Apricot on what to consider when planning volunteer orientation and Training.

Capacity Building
Training Materials 2022
Volunteer Orientation Packet - Sherwood OR

Policy handbook used with volunteers by the City of Sherwood Oregon.

Volunteer Handbooks Confidentiality Policies
Management Tool 2024
Waiting Room Reader - San Mateo County, CA

San Mateo County Library volunteers share the love of reading with families in six low-income medical clinics in San Mateo County

Children's Services Early Literacy Outreach
Position Descriptions 2012