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Learn more about best practices in volunteer recruitment and engagement, and how to get the results you need.

NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Consequences of Good v. Bad Volunteer Experiences
A brief article detailing a couple of ways to make your volunteers have a good experience, or to respond to situations where someone's had a bad… more
Staff Training 2022
First Day Volunteer Orientation Checklist - Kitchener Public Library
This checklist is used by the Kitchener Public Library for a volunteer's first day of orientation/training.
Volunteer Orientation checklist, orientation, Training 2022
Virtual Volunteers: Keys to Success and Sustainability
More and more organizations rely on a hybrid workforce – with staff and volunteers working on-site and on-line. More recently, engaging volunteers… more
Staff TrainingCapacity Building virtual volunteer 2022
Volunteer Orientation and Training: The Ultimate Guide
A 2022 article from Wild Apricot on what to consider when planning volunteer orientation and Training.
Capacity Building volunteer training, orientation 2022
Social Media and Volunteer Engagement
Jennifer Bennett, Senior Training Manager for VolunteerMatch, presented this webinar for the Get Involved: Powered by Your Library initiative on… more
Capacity BuildingOn-line Volunteer Recruitment social media 2022
Rethinking Retention: Understanding Strategic Volunteer Relationships
This one hour webinar was presented as part of the Get Involved: Powered by Your Library initiative on September 29, 2022 by Jennifer Bennett,… more
Capacity BuildingInterviewing Volunteers retention, attrition, Recruitment 2022
Live Online Discussion of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
California Library Volunteer Leaders: Live Open Online Discussion on Diversity Equity & Inclusion in Volunteer Engagement – This recorded webinar… more
Capacity BuildingStaff Training diversity, equity, inclusion, White Saviorism 2022
Fun Volunteer Teambuilding Activities That Will Keep Your Remote Team Engaged
This article from Tobi Johnson about Volunteer Team Building activities includes instructions for both in-person and virtual activities.
Capacity BuildingEngaging High Impact Volunteers team building 2022
10 Must Have's for a Well-Crafted Volunteer Job Description
Great reminders about what every volunteer job description should contain.
Capacity BuildingStaff Training job descriptions, Position Descriptions 2022
Pushing Back on Privilege in Volunteerism
This is the recording of a one hour webinar presented by Sue Carter Kahl for the Get Involved initiative on May 12, 2022.
At its best, volunteerism… more
Capacity Building diversity, equity, inclusion, White Saviorism 2022
Changing the Frame: Civic Engagement Through A Racial Equity Lens
Since Robert Putnam’s book Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital came out in 2000, policymakers, nonprofit funders, and pundits have sent… more
Capacity BuildingStaff Training diversity, equity, inclusion 2022
Best Practices for Recruiting Online
Watch Jennifer Bennett, Training Manager from VolunteerMatch, in this February 2022 webinar about the key things you need to do to be sure your… more
On-line Volunteer RecruitmentVolunteerMatch Tools and Resources 2022
Outreach Services & Volunteer Resources: A Match Made in Library Heaven - Indianapolis IN
This is the recording of a January 2022 one-hour webinar presented by outreach and volunteer engagement staff members of the Indianapolis Public… more
Staff Training outreach, Homebound, delivery, COVID-19 2022
White Supremacy in Volunteerism - Perfectionism
This video clip was prepared for the Get Involved Initiative by Breauna Dorelus of Connecting the Cause - After… more
Staff Training White Saviorism, diversity, equity, inclusion, white supremacy 2022
Questionnaire Design Tip Sheet - Harvard University
A tip sheet on question wording from the Harvard University Program on Survey Research.
Capacity BuildingStaff Training surveys 2021
Outdoor Programming and Outreach Best Practices - Oklahoma City OK
Developed by the Metropolitan Library System in Oklahoma City during the COVID-19 pandemic as a guide for staff.
Capacity Building outdoor, outreach, programming, COVID-19 2021
Measuring Success: Strategically Assess Your Volunteer Engagement Strategy
This one hour webinar was presented on April 28, 2021 by Jennifer Bennett, Senior Manager of Education and Training for VolunteerMatch as part of the… more
Staff TrainingVolunteerMatch Tools and Resources evaluation, Assess, Strategic, Webinar 2021
Recruit Volunteers Online: Find Your Next 20 COVID Superheroes with Smarter Strategy
The author describes three essential strategies needed to build a presence online that can recruit the ideal volunteers you need, those that are… more
On-line Volunteer Recruitment Recruitment, online recruitment 2021
3 Tips for Finding New Board Members
Great advice for how to think about and plan for board member recruitment.
Capacity BuildingEngaging High Impact Volunteers boards, Trustees, Recruitment 2021
Volunteers and the Law: Legal Considerations
A good summary of legal issues from Tobi Johnson & Associates, 2021.
Staff Training law, legal 2021