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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Volunteer Management Systems
Using the Internet to Recognize Online Volunteers
In this article, Jayne Cravens describes how to use the Internet to recognize the efforts of ALL volunteers, both those who perform most of their… more
Volunteer Recognition recognition
Volunteer Management Systems
Background Checks - Nonprofit Risk Management Center
Q&A Background Checks
By John Patterson, Senior Program Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center
The Nonprofit Risk Management Center receives… more
Volunteer HandbooksVolunteer Screening / Interviewing background checks 1970
Volunteer Coordinator - Fresno County Library, CA
Sample staff job description for Fresno County Library's Volunteer Coordinator position.
Volunteer Coordinator Job Descriptions volunteer coordinator 2000
Volunteer Recognition: Matching Motivation to Rewards
A great summary of findings on volunteer recognition and why people volunteer from Volunteer Alberta from the Canada volunteer survey.
Volunteer Recognition recognition, why people volunteer 2000
Volunteer Handbook - Fresno County, CA
Fresno County Library's Volunteer Handbook.
Volunteer Handbooks policies, handbook, policy and procedures 2004
Liability, Insurance and Risk Management Issues for Volunteer Programs
In today’s litigious society, it is important to understand the risks faced in your volunteer program—for both your volunteers and your organization… more
Volunteer Handbooks policy 2004
Adult Volunteer Application - Solano County Library, CA
Adult Volunteer Application used by the Solano County Library.
Adult Volunteer Applications Adult, Application, Form 2007
Volunteer Screening Handbook - Volunteer Canada
Provides a very clear 10 step process for screening volunteers.
Volunteer Screening / Interviewing interview 2008
Volunteer Manager - San Jose Public Library, CA
Sample staff job description for the San Jose Public Library's Volunteer Manager position.
Volunteer Coordinator Job Descriptions volunteer coordinator, volunteer manager 2009
Strategic Volunteer Engagement: A Guide for Nonprofit and Public Sector Leaders
This RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service at the University of Texas, Austin publication offers offer here a strategic framework and… more
Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers Strategic 2009
Managing Your VolunteerMatch Account: Jurisdiction & Branch Administrative Options
Trying to decide how to set up your VolunteerMatch account(s)? Do you want the information and action to all be centralized as a library… more
VolunteerMatchVolunteerMatch Tools and Resources VolunteerMatch 2009
Branch Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement - San Jose, CA
Job Description used by San Jose Public Library for staff responsible for volunteer engagement in a library branch or unit.
Volunteer Coordinator Job DescriptionsStaff Training staff training 2010
Coordinator Volunteer Services - Palos Verdes Library District, CA
Sample part time staff job description for the Palos Verdes Library District's Volunteer Coordinator position.
Volunteer Coordinator Job Descriptions volunteer coordinator 2010
Sample Volunteer Survey - Nonprofit Connect
Here's a sample volunteer recognition survey you could consider modifying to meet your needs.
Volunteer Recognition recognition 2010
Confidentiality Policy - San Bernardino County, CA
Confidentiality policy for review by volunteers before signing their volunteer agreement.
Confidentiality Policies Confidentiality Policy 2010
Teen Volunteer Application - Solano County Library, CA
Teen volunteer application used at Solano County Library
Teen Volunteer Applications Teen, Application, Form 2010
Young Adult Volunteer Application - Fresno County Library, CA
Young Adult/Teen application form used by Fresno County Library
Teen Volunteer Applications Teen, Application, Form 2010
Volunteer Service Agreement - California State Library
Volunteer Service Agreement to be signed by volunteer and section supervisor.
Volunteer Agreements Agreement 2010