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Staff Training Syllabus - San Jose, CA Learning objectives used to train staff at San Jose Public Library on working with high impact volunteers in four 2-hour sessions. See also, a document referred to in the training: "Volunteer Agreement Checklist." Staff Training staff training Training Materials
Success & Sustainability Factors Video clip on this topic from a Get Involved Volunteer Engagement Institute in Oakland California in May 2015. (17.5 minutes) Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Sustainability, retention Training Materials
Successfully Managing Library Volunteer Program Changes What should you do when it’s time to change the policies and procedures that govern or guide the volunteers that work with your organization? How can you create a culture of inclusion and get buy-in for those new policies? This training will give you the tools to approach program changes in a strategic way. We will also cover what to do if volunteers either can’t or won’t adopt the policies, how to manage that situation, and what to do if ultimately you need to ask a volunteer to leave. What You'll Learn: * Theories for change management * Pitfalls and challenges around implementing changes in a volunteer engagement program * Opportunities to build buy-in and support for changes * What to do if you need to ask a volunteer to leave This one hour webinar by Jennifer Bennett of VolunteerMatch was recorded on August 22, 2018. Capacity Building, Staff Training change management Training Materials
Supervising Volunteers Mary V. Merrill's thoughts on volunteer supervision and delegation. Staff Training supervising, supervision, delegation Training Materials
Teen Volunteer Programs - 1 hour webinar Managing teen volunteers can often be a challenge that takes time and dedication. Learn how to effectively engage teen volunteers to benefit your library as well as create positive leadership experiences for them and for you. Staff Training Teens Resource
The New Volunteer Manager: The First 90 Days If you’re feeling overwhelmed don’t worry. You are not alone. Most coordinators of volunteers get little by way of training and guidance, and they simply don’t know where to start. There are proven tactics out there that work. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and waste time learning by trial and error. By the same token, the field of volunteer management is constantly evolving. The author of this free e-book, Tobi Johnson, suggests that this is by no means a complete list of tasks guaranteed to make your program successful. Rather, she focuses on the critical elements that she has found most helpful in her work with volunteers. Tobi Johnson is President of Tobi Johnson & Associates, a consulting firm whose mission is to help nonprofit organizations strengthen their volunteer engagement strategy. In 2015, Tobi launched VolunteerPro, an online learning and networking community for leaders of volunteers. Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers, Capacity Building, Staff Training staff training Management Tool
Today's Volunteer: The Shift from Management to Engagement Video clip on this topic from a Get Involved Volunteer Engagement Institute in Oakland California in May 2015. (9.5 minutes) Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Training Materials
Trends and Issues in Volunteer Engagement- Jill Friedman Fixler Jill Friedman Fixler sets the stage for day-long training on building capacity for skilled volunteer engagement by discussing trends and challenges. See videos of trainings that follow this presentation. Baby Boomers, Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Video, volunteer engagement. trends Training Materials
Virtual Volunteer - 4 minute interview This 4 minute interview is with a volunteer who couldn't come to the library to volunteer, but still wanted to help with her high level social media skills. Hear she and the library's volunteer engagement coordinator talk about how they made it work to fit both their needs. Her title is "Social Media Specialist," and the job description can be found in the Position Description section of this Clearinghouse. Capacity Building, Staff Training virtual volunteer Training Materials
Volunteer Assessment and Selection- Jennifer Rackow As part of a day-long training, Jennifer Rackow helps you assess and select the best candidates to become volunteers in your program. Search for additional training videos from the day on this site. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Interviewing Volunteers, Staff Training Video, volunteer selection Training Materials


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