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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Sample Volunteer Coordinator Interview Questions - 2
Sample questions that could be used in an interview of a potential staff volunteer coordinator. Note: You should always run your interview questions by your human resources department.
Sample Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Job Description
Sample job description for a volunteer engagement coordinator (drafted by Carla Lehn).
Sample Volunteer Handbook - VolunteerMatch
This sample handout was created by VolunteerMatch, and shared in our April 2019 Webinar -- Playing By The Rules: Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook. You can view the archived webinar here:, and view sample handbooks and policies from libraries by clicking "Management Tools," then the selecting the keyword "Volunteer Handbooks" from the dropdown menu. You can also type Handbook into the Search feature.
Sample Volunteer Interview Questions
This is a great list of sample questions for you to pick and choose from as you prepare to interview volunteers. Provided by Community Shares of Greater Cleveland
Sample Volunteer Recognition Survey - SurveyMonkey
A sample survey you could modify to fit your needs.
Sample Volunteer Survey - Nonprofit Connect
Here's a sample volunteer recognition survey you could consider modifying to meet your needs.
Six-Week Tutor/Learner Match Review - Nevada County, CA
Document used by Nevada County Library's literacy program to follow up with a volunteer tutor six weeks after they've been matched with an adult learner.
St. Helena Community Arts Volunteer Engagement Work Plan - CA
This work plan describes the St. Helena Public Library Community Arts initiative which aims to extend its reach into new areas of the community through art, facilitate connections between individuals, businesses, organizations, and other entities throughout the community as an arts education resource, and establish the library as the “third place” for St. Helena residents.
Staff Guide to Volunteer Engagement - Yolo County Library, CA
Volunteer engagement background, responsibilities, policies, procedures and expectations for library staff.
Staff Volunteer Application - Oceanside, CA
Some libraries allow their staff to volunteer at the library, and some don't. Oceanside does allow it under certain circumstances, and this is the required application form.