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What's New for July 2021 Recently added

Write a Captivating Volunteer Position Description that Boosts Recruitment

Could Volunteers Replace Paid Staff?? Have No Fear!

Create a Book Stool!

Volunteer Exit Interview Survey

Volunteer Risk & Screening Levels

Creating One-Time, Short-Term Group Volunteering Activities

Hot Topic for June 2021 Volunteer Confidentiality Agreements

Volunteer Confidentiality Policy – Columbus Metropolitan Library OH

Confidentiality Agreement – Huntington Beach CA

Volunteer Confidentiality Policy – Barrie Public Library – Ontario Canada

Confidentiality Policy – San Bernardino County CA

Confidentiality of Customer Records Form – Ontario CA

Volunteer Confidentiality Policy – Long Beach CA

Confidentiality Policy - Dauphin County PA

SEE ALSO: Many Volunteer Handbooks contain confidentiality policies. To view sample handbooks, click on “Management Tools” then select “Volunteer Handbooks” from the drop-down menu.


Hot Topic for May 2021 Volunteer Handbooks

Volunteer Handbook – City of Pacific Grove CA

Volunteer Guidelines – Lake Travis Community Library TX

Volunteer Handbook – San Jose Public Library CA

Volunteer Handbook – City of Boulder CO

Volunteer Handbook - Lewiston Library ID

Volunteer Guidebook - Hillsboro Library OR

Sample Volunteer Handbook – VolunteerMatch

Playing by the Rules: Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook (Archived Webinar)

Note: For more sample handbooks and individual policies, including Confidentiality, COVID-19 and more, click on Management Tools, and select Volunteer Handbooks from the dropdown menu.

And please send us your handbook to share -- see Share Your Materials below.

Hot Topic for April 2021 More COVID & Virtual Volunteer Resources

Volunteer COVID-19 Waiver

Volunteer COVID-19 Protocol Training

Volunteer Survey – Coming Back after COVID-19

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Podcast Transcription Volunteer

Library Takeout Service Ambassador

Closed Captioning Volunteer Job Description

Closed Captioning Volunteer Job List

What's New for March 2021 Recently added

Archived Webinars:


Gaining Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement

Criminal History Background Check Policy

Adopt a Shelf Volunteer

Adopt a Shelf Job List

What's New for February 2021 Recently added

Annual Volunteer Survey Example

How to Build a Successful Volunteer Program

Getting it Right! Nine Areas Managers of Volunteers Sometimes Get Wrong

Volunteer Orientation Trainer job description

NextGen Nexus: Moving Beyond Awareness

What Do Volunteers Want?


Hot Topic for January 2021 Public Relations Tools to Help Demonstrate Your Worth

The Volunteer Newsletter Template You Need to Start Using

“Because You’re Worth It: Showcasing the Value of You and Your Volunteer Program” –  FREE archived webinar from the Texas Volunteer Management Conference

Volunteers in Plano Annual Report

Annual Report to Library Leadership on Volunteer Engagement – San Jose CA

Return on Investment Worksheet & Infographic Templates

Volunteer Annual Report Infographic – Ann Arbor MI

Volunteer Annual Report Infographic - Arlington TX

Library Annual Report Includes Volunteer Highlights - Oklahoma County OK

7 Ways to Use Infographics to Recruit Volunteers and Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story


2nd Hot Topic for December 2020 Diverse and Inclusive Volunteer Engagement - Part 2

8 Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Volunteer Program

Moving Forward: Taking Action on Race and Equity (a Points of Light webinar archive)

Power, Privilege, and Volunteerism

Addressing Issues of Equity in Volunteerism

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What's New for December 2020 Recently added

Beyond the Thank You Card: Meaningful Volunteer Recognition


Library Youth Volunteer Parental AgreementCedar Rapids IA


Youth Protection Policy – Indianapolis IN


Volunteer Management Software Comparisons


Paws to Read Procedures – Indianapolis IN


Book Store Volunteer Job Description – Indianapolis IN



2nd Hot Topic For November 2020 Intern Job Descriptions

Many thanks to Linda Groscost at Orange Public Library for sharing these intern positions that could also easily be revised into volunteer job descriptions if you don't have an intern program. REMEMBER: if you share something we post to the clearinghouse, you get a free book! (Click the Share Materials Link below)

Adult and Branch Services Intern

Adult Literacy Intern

Lending Services Intern

Local History Intern

Social Media Intern

Technology Services Intern



Hot Topic for November 2020 Survey Examples

Volunteer Exit Survey

Staff Survey re: Volunteer Needs During the Pandemic

Survey of Branch Library Volunteer Coordinators

Annual Volunteer Survey San Jose Public Library

Annual Volunteer Survey Cedar Rapids Public Library

Five Survey Templates to Measure Volunteer and Board Satisfaction

Volunteer Satisfaction Surveys: 10 Ways to Get it Right

The 9 most Important Survey Design Tips & Best Practices

Questionnaire Design Tip Sheet

2nd Hot Topic For October 2020 Volunteer Coordinator Job Descriptions

City of Orange CA Volunteer Coordinator

Sacramento Public Library Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Engagement Specialist Job Description -- Indianapolis

Branch Volunteer Coordinators’ Responsibilities – Indianapolis

A Letter to Nonprofits that Want to Hire a Volunteer Manager


Hot Topic for October 2020 More Pandemic Resources

Building Better COVID-Related Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Safety Training during COVID-19 – Orange Public Library

New Research (during the pandemic!): Civic Engagement: What We Know, What We’re Learning, and What Comes Next

How to Prioritize When Everything Feels Important

Social Media & Blog Content Generation Guidelines for Staff and Volunteers – Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries OR

Capacity Commons Guidebook on Skills-Based Volunteerism


Hot Topic for September 2020 More on Skilled and Virtual Volunteers

“Designing Virtual Opportunities, Managing Remote Volunteers” – Recording of August 26, 2020 webinar


Virtual Volunteer Orientation San Jose PL

Virtual Homework Help Coach Online Training - San Jose PL

Volunteer Handbook – San Jose PL

Virtual Volunteering: a Guide for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Skills-Based Volunteering Toolkit

Skills-Based Volunteerism 201: Project Scoping and Planning - Archived webinar from ServeOhio

Illinois Conference on Volunteer Administration (ICOVA) Session Recordings

Hot Topic for August 2020 More COVID -19 Ideas and Protocols

COVID-19 Story Project

COVID-19 Story Project Interviewer

COVID-19 Volunteer Acknowledgment Form

COVID-19 Library Volunteer Agreement

COVID-19 Safety Protocols Training Powerpoint

Are Young People Replacing Older People as the Key Volunteering Group?

Resources to Help Manage Volunteers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If Your Board Looked Like Your Community

“Because You’re Worth It: Showcasing the Value of You and Your Volunteer Program”


2nd Hot Topic For July 2020 Re-Opening the Library to Volunteers During COVID-19

COVID Safety Training – Boulder CO

Volunteer Safety Precautions – Indianapolis PL, IN

Volunteer General Safety Guidelines – Cedar Rapids IA

REALM Research Project (Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums)

Home Delivery Volunteer Safety Requirements Sign-Off Sheet – Boulder CO

Changes to “Holds Hunter” Volunteer Process during COVID-19 – Cedar Rapids IA

Book Drop Helper and Sorter Volunteer Job Description – Boulder CO

Book Drop Helper and Sorter Training Powerpoint – Boulder CO

Book Drop Helper and Sorter Training Video #1 – Boulder CO

Book Drop Helper and Sorter Training Video #2 – Boulder CO

*NOTE: We have added a COVID-19 tag to the Get Involved Clearinghouse – if you just want an overview of what’s specifically here on that topic, type COVID-19 into the search box above.

Hot Topic for July 2020 Diverse and Inclusive Volunteer Engagement

Fighting Racism Through Diverse and Inclusive Volunteer Engagement Programming (Part 1 of 2)


Fighting Racism Through Diverse and Inclusive Volunteer Engagement Programming (Part 2 of 2)


Recognizing Racism in Volunteer Engagement


Systemic Exclusion in Volunteer Engagement


Engagement as a Path to Inclusion and Justice


Talking racial equity? Make sure you understand these 17 words


Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter for Nonprofits


Racial Equity and Inclusion Resources for Volunteer Engagement Leaders


Hot Topic for June 2020 Engage Virtual Volunteers While We Shelter in Place – TEEN EDITION

Austin Public Library Teen Virtual Volunteer Program

When the Austin Public Library closed for the corona virus there was concern about the need to keep staff busy during telework, so Stephanie designed teen volunteer assignments to function more like a teen program that would create supervision opportunities for staff.

Here are the virtual volunteer positions she created for teens:

More Teen Ideas:

Boulder Teen Summer Volunteer Roles During COVID-19

Woodland QuaranTEEN Book Reviews

2nd Hot Topic For May 2020 Engage Virtual Volunteers While We Shelter in Place - Part 3

Many thanks to our library friends around the country who are sharing their COVID-19 plans and materials!

Sample Volunteer Re-Engagement Surveys:

Assessing Volunteers’ Interest in Returning After Shelter in Place

Assess HomeBound Delivery Volunteers’ Interest in Continuing after COVID19 Program Changes in Place

Ideas for Summer and Re-Opening Volunteer Roles:

Teen Summer Volunteer Roles During COVID-19

Book Drop Helper and Sorter Volunteer Job Description


Hot Topic for May 2020 Engage Virtual Volunteers While We Shelter in Place - Part 2

Here are some more ideas for keeping current volunteers engaged and/or expanding services:

Queens Public Library Social Media Ambassadors

Austin Public Library Social Media Ambassadors

Queens Public Library Covid19 Oral Histories Project

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities – San Jose Public Library 

And some current volunteer job descriptions could be amended to describe service provided on an online platform:

Job Center Volunteer – Chandler Public Library AZ

Job Center Coach, Sacramento Public Library

Homework Coach – San Jose Public Library

EBooks Coach – Huntington Beach Public Library

ESL Conversation Club Facilitator – San Jose Public Library

Please consider sharing your materials at the link below to be added to the Clearinghouse to keep others from having to re-invent the wheel!