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What's New for August 2018 New Resources

 June 27, 2018 webinar archive – New Volunteer Manager’s ToolKit

Handouts shared at 6/27/18 webinar:

Sample Volunteer Interview Questions

Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Volunteer Program Evaluation Checklist


What's New for July 2018 Making Volunteer Engagement More Inclusive

Engaging Volunteers from Diverse and Immigrant Communities

Volunteers with Disabilities: What You Need to Know, Library Accessibility Tip Sheet 9 (ASCLA)

More ASCLA tip sheets on specific accessibility issues

Inclusive Volunteering: Recommendations for Volunteer Coordinators on How to Develop a More Inclusive Volunteer Programme

Building Inclusive Bridges: A Guide to Facilitating Inclusive Referrals

What’s New for June 2018 New Resources

Archived Webinar – Build Staff Buy In for Volunteer Engagement (4.25.18)

Archived Webinar – VolunteerMatch “Tour” (5.10.18)

Sample Volunteer Service Agreement
GenerationON Projects, Ideas and Resources

Grow Staff Volunteer Harmony

What's New for May 2018 Volunteer Management Systems

Are you looking for a way to manage information about your volunteers and create reports on your volunteer engagement activity? If so, here are some materials in the Clearinghouse you might want to take a look at:

Volunteer Management Software Comparisons

A Consumer’s Guide to Volunteer Management Systems – Idealware

Survey of Software Tools Used to Track and Manage Volunteers

Volunteer Management Software Comparisons

Online Volunteer Management Software Expo (Archived Webinar)

CRM Integration - Idealware

Additional materials in this Clearinghouse on this topic include reviews of specific volunteer tracking systems in use by several California public libraries. To access them, click on “Management Tools,” then in the keyword drop-down menu, select “Volunteer Management Systems.”

If you would like to provide a review of a volunteer management system your library uses, or share any other materials with your colleagues, please use the “Suggest a Resource” link on this page.

What's New for April 2018 New Resources

Volunteers are the Reputational Assets your Organization is Overlooking

A Different Kind of Volunteer Work: More companies are encouraging employees to donate their professional expertise

Directory of Volunteer Engagement Professional Associations by Geographic Region

How to Turn Away Volunteers and Still Have an OK Day

Target Market Success Story: Volunteers with Full Time Jobs

Building Capacity: Strategic Volunteer Engagement

What's New for March 2018 New Resources


Tips for Gaining Staff Buy-In

Getting Management Buy-In for Volunteers

Volunteer Engagement: Changing Our Volunteer Culture

What Leaders of Volunteers Can Do to Gain Executive Attention

Confidentiality and Other Objections to Volunteers

Collaborating with Unions to Engage Volunteers


A Library Director Talks About Staff Buy-In

Build Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement

Getting Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement



What's New for February 2018 Forms/Templates #2

Confidentiality Agreement

For more Confidentiality Policy examples – Click Management Tools, then select Keyword: Confidentiality Policies

Emergency Contact Form

Goal Setting Worksheet

Volunteer Exit Interview

Volunteer Exit Clearance Form

Have a form or template you're willing to share? Use the "Suggest a Resource" link on the right to help increase resources in the Clearinghouse.

What's New for January 2018 Forms and Templates #1

Volunteer Job Description Template

Targeted Recruitment Plan

Volunteer Applications
Build your Volunteer Applications by reviewing library examples in this Clearinghouse: Click Management Tools, then select Keyword: Adult Volunteer Applications or Teen Volunteer Applications

Sample Volunteer Reference Check Questions

Sample Volunteer Handbook

For more Volunteer Handbook examples – Click Management Tools, then select Keyword: Volunteer Handbooks

Confidentiality of Customer Records Form


What's New for December 2017 New Resources

Focus on Small and Rural Library Successes

Small Library Skilled IT Volunteer Success Story – Johnson City Texas

Small Library Graphic Design Volunteer Success Story – Brownwood Texas

Management Tools

How Changing Our Volunteer Interview Approach Increased Our Retention by 30%

The Volunteer Interview: Making the offer . . . or not

Position Descriptions

Instead of sharing volunteer position descriptions this month, here are some resources to help in hiring staff to coordinate volunteer engagement.

Sample Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Job Description

A Letter to Nonprofits that Want to Hire a Volunteer Manager


What's New for November 2017 New Resources

Here are some resources from the Clearinghouse on English as a Second Language services. If you have others to share with colleagues, please submit them by clicking on "Suggest a Resource" in the column on your right.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

ESL Conversation Club Facilitator

ESL Conversation Club Program Coordinator

Facilitator – ESL Conversation Circle

English Language Tutor for K-12 Students

Director, Citizenship Programs

Management Tools

ESL Conversation Club Program Coordinator Interview Questions

Volunteer Agreement: ESL Conversation Club Coordinator

ESL Conversation Club Kit

Training Materials

ESL Conversation Circles - Training Overview

ESL Conversation Circles Toolkit


What's New for October 2017 Skilled Volunteers

Management Tools

12 Tips for Engaging Pro Bono Volunteers

Position Descriptions

Public Relations Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Ambassador

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

EBooks Coach

Job Center Coach

Training Materials

From Management to Engagement: Skilled Volunteers in Public Libraries

Interview with the Volunteer PR Specialist

Interview with the Volunteer Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Interview with the Volunteer Social Media Specialist

What’s New for September 2017 New Resources

In Lieu of Money, Toyota Donates Efficiency
Arizona libraries have just joined Get Involved! Here are a few of the first materials shared by our Arizona colleagues:
Management Tools
Adult Volunteer Application – Buckeye Public Library System
Volunteer Guidelines & Procedures - Chandler Public Library 
Branch Volunteer Liaison – Yuma County Library District

Teen Volunteer Agreement – Buckeye Public Library System
Volunteer Job Descriptions
Computer Instructor – Chandler Public Library

Job Center Volunteer – Chandler Public Library


What's New for August 2017 Computer Coach Programs

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Computer Coach – Huntington Beach Public Library

Computer Coach Program Coordinator – Huntington Beach Public Library

Computer Learning Center Coach – Lodi Public Library

Computer Literacy Ambassador – Roseville Public Library

Computer Coaching Team Leader – San Jose Public Library

Training Materials

Computer Coach Training Outline – Huntington Beach Public Library

Computer Coach Program Video – Huntington Beach Public Library

Computer Coach Training Materials from Ohio Online

Management Tools

Computer Coach Flyer #1 – Huntington Beach Public Library

Computer Coach Flyer #2 - Huntington Beach Public Library

Computer Coach Name Badge – Huntington Beach Public Library


What's New for July 2017 New Resources

Management Tools

The New Volunteer Manager: The First 90 Days

Training Materials

Volunteers: More Work? Or More Work Force? – Idaho Archived Webinar (30 minutes)

2016 Arizona State University Report: Arizona Volunteerism Today and in the Future

Working with Volunteers who have full time jobs (5 minute video)


What's New for June 2017 Millennial Volunteers

The Millennial Impact Report Retrospective: Five Years of Trends

Skilled Volunteer Interview: Social Media Specialist (4 minute video clip)

Millennials Want to Make a Serious Impact and You Can Help

Young Generation No Slouches at Volunteering

Why Company Sponsored Volunteer Programs are Keeping Millennials Happy at Work


What's New for May 2017 Making the Most of Your VolunteerMatch Account

Getting the Highest Visibility on VolunteerMatch – How to RePost Your Listing  (2.5 minute video)
Keeping your volunteer opportunity near the top of the list in your zipcode is critical to keep it visible to potential volunteers. One of the Premium Tools you have is RePosting – one click brings your opportunity to the top of the search results. You can RePost weekly or even daily if you need to.

Managing Your Volunteer Account(s) – Centralized? By Branch? Or a Combination?
This one-page document describes options for setting up and managing your VolunteerMatch accounts based on how you have structured your volunteer engagement efforts internally.

Why the Widget? 
This is a brief FAQ document about why you want to post the "Get Involved" widget on your library's website for maximum volunteer recruitment opportunities.

To Get the Widget for Your Website – Contact Your State Library:

Arizona, Donna Throckmorton, or Kim French,
California, Carla Lehn,
Idaho, Sue Walker,
Texas, Jennifer Peters,

What's New for April 2017 New Resources

Management Tools

How an Old Interview Approach Increased Volunteer Retention by 30%

Training Materials

Volunteer Engagement: Changing Our Volunteer Culture

Why Don’t People Volunteer


What's New for March 2017 New Resources

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Veterans Benefits Coach…

Veterans Community Outreach Specialist…

Veterans Resource Center Volunteer – Ontario…

What's New for January 2016 New Resources

Management Tools

3 Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Training Materials

Basics of Volunteer Orientation & Training

What's New for December 2015 New Resources

Position Descriptions

Reading Buddies


Training Materials

4 Steps to Grow Your Volunteer Program with LinkedIn

Training Resources for Computer Coaches