Return on Investment Infographic Template - EXAMPLE C

This is one sample implementation of the Get Involved Initiative's Volunteer Engagement Worksheet and Return on Investment Template.

California's Get Involved Regional Leaders develop networking and training events for library volunteer engagement coordinators in their regions across the state. They decided a tool was needed for library volunteer programs to determine their Return on Investment, and then share that data both internally and externally in the form of an attractive but brief infographic that could also be used as a program's annual report. They developed this ROI worksheet to be used by individual libraries to create the data for the infographic, and included sample infographics.

Feel free to download and use this worksheet for yourself, and if you're interested in using one of the infographics, there are 3 templates with minor variations that can be found for your use here:…;…;…

Example A:…

Example B:…

Please note that the "Value of a Volunteer Hour" data from Independent Sector that is referenced on the worksheet is not exclusive to California. It contains separate data for each state -- so be sure to use yours!