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What's New for July 2024 Recently Added Materials

Tips for Creating an Online Opportunity that Connects with Volunteers


The Volunteer Manager’s Essentials: Policies, Documents, Data and More


Volunteer Value Beyond Numbers, Hours and Dollars


Practicing What We Preach: Volunteers Helping Us Too


Creating Relationships with Gen Z


Managing Volunteer Risks – Where Are You Now?

Hot Topic for June 2024 Surveys in Volunteer Engagement

Annual Volunteer Feedback Survey – San Jose Public Library

Active Volunteers Survey – San Mateo County Libraries

New Volunteer Onboarding Survey – Cedar Rapids Public Library 

Volunteer Survey – Mission Viejo Public Library

New Volunteer Opportunities Survey – San Mateo County Libraries

Volunteer Recognition Survey – City of Corona

Recording - Surveys in Volunteer Engagement

Help With Survey Design

Five Survey Templates to Measure Volunteer and Board Satisfaction

Questionnaire Design Tip Sheet – Harvard University

Survey Design: The Top 10 Best Practices to Maximize Your Results

What's New for May 2024 Recently Added Materials

Volunteer Orientation Packet – Sherwood OR


Volunteer Code of Conduct - Multnomah County Library OR


What Tax Free Benefits Can Nonprofits Give Volunteers? 


Introduction to LGBTQ+ Inclusion


Neither//Nor: Stories of Life Beyond Binary Gender


Makerspace Volunteer Training Examples


Newly revised 2024 Volunteer Handbook from the Multnomah County Library, Oregon


Volunteer Appreciation Plan – Indianapolis Public Library


Hot Topic for April 2024 New to Volunteer Engagement? – Links to Get You Started

Volunteer Engagement 101


New Volunteer Manager’s ToolKit


Tools for Volunteer Engagement Success


Time Management for Volunteer Engagement Coordinators: Putting Volunteers to Work to Help YOU 


Bibliography on Volunteer Engagement

And be sure to watch the short video to your left on how to use this Clearinghouse to find sample policies, job descriptions and training materials!

Hot Topic for March 2024 Inclusive Volunteer Recruitment Strategies

How to Build a Truly Inclusive Volunteer Program


Recruiting Local Volunteers to Increase Diversity Among the Ranks


Talking Racial Equity? Make Sure You Understand These 17 Words


Planning for Including People with Intellectual Disabilities in Volunteer Programs


Equity Diversity Inclusion & Antiracism Toolkit – Oregon Library Association


White Supremacy in Volunteerism - Perfectionism


Changing the Frame: Civic Engagement Through a Racial Equity Lens

What's New for February 2024 Recently Added Materials

An Introduction to Ethics for the Volunteer Engagement Profession


Introduction to Virtual Volunteering


Recruiting Local Volunteers to Increase Diversity Among the Ranks


Planning for Including People with Intellectual Disabilities in Volunteer Programs


Disability Etiquette: Tips on Interacting with People with Disabilities


Memorandum of Understanding Template

What's New for January 2024 Recently Added Materials

5 Myths About Volunteer Engagement


Gamifying Volunteer Training


Newly Revised Volunteer Handbook – Charlotte Mecklenberg Library, Charlotte NC


Newly Revised Volunteer Handbook from the Dayton Ohio Library


The Role of the Volunteer Coordinator


Up Your Game with Skills-based Volunteering


Talking racial equity? Make sure you understand these 17 words

Hot Topic for December 2023 Homebound Delivery Service Volunteer Resources

Visiting Library Service Client Intake Form – Barrie Public Library


Library Express FAQ – Indianapolis IN


Home Delivery Driver Volunteer Job DescriptionIndianapolis IN


Homebound Delivery Volunteer Safety Requirements Sign-Off Sheet – Boulder CO


Homebound Delivery Recruitment Brochure – Orange CA


What's New for November 2023 Recently Added Materials

Volunteer Matching: Finding the Right Role for Every Volunteer


Group Volunteer Interviews


The Four Appreciation Languages


Volunteers and the Law: Legal Considerations


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Antiracism Toolkit – Oregon Library Association

What's New for October 2023 Recently Added Materials

5 Nonprofit KPIs Your Volunteer Program Should be Tracking


How to Recruit and Retain Gen Z Volunteers


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – The role of self-awareness in equity work


How to Write a Strong Reference Letter for a Strong Volunteer


Diagnosing the Causes of Volunteer Recruitment Problems

Hot Topic for September 2023 Volunteer Coordinator Job Descriptions

A Letter to Nonprofits that Want to Hire a Volunteer Manager

Sample Library Volunteer Coordinator Job Descriptions:



       Pikes Peak

       City of Orange

       Palos Verdes Library District

       Elgin IL

       Generic Sample

For Those Who Also Have Volunteer Coordinators in Your Branches

       Columbus OH

       San Jose CA

       Indianapolis IN

Hot Topic for August 2023 Interviewing Volunteers

Volunteer Interview Questions for Better Matching


Volunteer interview questions


14 volunteer interview questions


Sample Interview Questions for Volunteers


Teen Volunteer Interview Questions


Volunteer Reference Check questions


Group Volunteer Interviews


Volunteer Exit Interview Survey

What's New for July 2023 Recently added resources

Staff Volunteer Appreciation survey


Dynamic Words & Catchy Titles for Volunteer Position Descriptions


Best Practices for Recruiting and Engaging Volunteers from Zoomers to Boomers


When and Where to Use Volunteer Replacement Rates (Or Not) for Volunteer Value


Six Ways to Restructure Existing Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Impact Blogs & Resources


Literacy Tutor & Learner Responsibilities

Hot Topic for June 2023 Get Involved 2022/23 Webinar Recordings

Oct 20, 2022 - California Library Volunteer Leaders Live Open Online Discussion -- "Best New Volunteer Roles in Libraries"


Dec 6, 2022 - Volunteer Engagement 101 -- Learning Objectives included: What Motivates Volunteers, Utilizing Skilled Volunteers, and Designing Volunteer Job Descriptions and Recruitment Plans.  NOTE: Passcode required to view the video: Rr2sqKs+


Dec 8, 2022 - Volunteer Engagement Tools for Success which includes a tour of best practices on VolunteerMatch --   NOTE: Passcode required to view the video: 2%czJpc+


Apr 20, 2023 -- California Library Volunteer Leaders Live Open Online Discussion -- It’s Spring! Let’s Renew/Reinvigorate/Revamp Volunteer Engagement

Hot Topic for May 2023 Volunteer Management Software Comparisons

Looking for Volunteer Management Software?  Here are links to recent comparisons:

What's New for April 2023 Recently added resources

Do you work with library volunteer coordinators/ liaisons in your branches or other departments? If yes, here are a couple examples of guidelines created by other library volunteer engagement coordinators in that position: (Note: If you’ve got one to share, please e-mail to me at

       Deschutes Public Library, Oregon

       Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma City

       Columbus Metropolitan Library, Ohio


Building Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement -- January 18, 2023 Webinar recording


Developing and Managing Volunteer Programs


Two one hour December webinars presented for AmeriCorps members attached to California Library Literacy Services are now available for viewing by all:

Volunteer Engagement 101 -- Learning Objectives included: What Motivates Volunteers, Utilizing Skilled Volunteers, and Designing Volunteer Job Descriptions and Recruitment Plans. NOTE: Passcode required to view the video: Rr2sqKs+

Volunteer Engagement Tools for Success which includes a tour of best practices on VolunteerMatch is archived separately here: NOTE: Passcode required to view the video:  2%czJp



Hot Topic for March 2023 Volunteer Recognition

Rethinking Volunteer Recognition


Volunteer Appreciation Guide


Volunteer Recognition: Just Say No to Years of Service Awards


Volunteer Recognition Ideas


Using the Internet to Recognize Online Volunteers


Staff Volunteer Appreciation Survey


Ways to Appreciate Volunteers Without Centering Them as the Hero

Hot Topic for February 2023 Friends of the Library

Resources for Friends of Libraries


Connecting with Today’s Volunteers to Transform the Friends of the Library (1 hour archived webinar)


Mesa (AZ) Public Library's amazing online booksale operation (about $100,000/year) is volunteer driven and supervised by the library's volunteer coordinator. We appreciate Mesa sharing a 10- minute video about the project, as well as the volunteer job description and a number of invaluable, well-researched training pieces that can be used to prepare volunteers to take on these roles.


Beyond Younger Volunteers: White Paper on What Rural Friends Groups Need to Thrive


How to Recruit New Members for Your Association on Social Media


Book Store Fundraiser – “Secret Santa” – Indianapolis IN

What's New for January 2023 Recently added resources

Tips for Communications and outreach that honor diversity, equity, and inclusion


7 Tips for Managing Volunteers


Tips to Attract & Retain Skilled Volunteers that Grow Your Nonprofit


How to Align Your Mission with Millennials and Civic Engagement


The Virtual Volunteer Life Cycle: A Complete Guide

What's New for December 2022 Recently added resources

Changing the Frame: Civic Engagement Through A Racial Equity Lens


First Day Volunteer Orientation Checklist


Reading Buddies Volunteer Job Description – Columbus OH


Developing a Successful Intern Program


Teen Volunteer Summer Reading Program Orientation Agenda


QuickStart Guide for New Volunteers


Rethinking Retention: Understanding Strategic Volunteer Relationships