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2016 Arizona Volunteering Report Arizona State University's Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation's 2016 Summary Report of their survey and focus group results. "Arizona Volunteerism Today and in the Future" Capacity Building, Millenials Arizona Training Materials
Brave New World of Engaging Skilled Volunteers Have you thought about how volunteers with specific skills could help ? This 50 minute webinar by VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn For Good to learn why skilled volunteerism is important, and how to use VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn's partnership to make your volunteer opportunities available and visible to potential volunteers on both sites. Volunteer Recruitment, Capacity Building, Millenials, On-line Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources VolunteerMatch, Volunteer Recruitment, LinkedIn Training Materials
Demographic Trends Shaping America and Service Beth Steinhorn of VQ Strategies takes 2018 Pew Research results and extrapolates them for volunteer engagement professionals by addressing the following questions: If these trends are shaping our society, how will they affect service and volunteering? How have they already been influencing your organization’s engagement experience and strategy? The trends highlighted by the Pew Research Center fell into three categories: Generations, Families and Household, and Multicultural Society. Capacity Building, Millenials Training Materials
Engaging the Volunteer of the Future This one-hour webinar by Jennifer Bennett of VolunteerMatch was archived on June 17, 2015: The age of one-size fits all volunteer engagement is coming to an end. This webinar will start with a review of some of the things that we know about what volunteers are looking for in an opportunity. It will then help you use this information to start designing volunteer opportunities and determining who is the “right” volunteer for your program. What You'll Learn: The trends that are influencing volunteer engagement and what that means for your program. How to create volunteer opportunities that match what volunteers are looking for now. How to take advantage of "word of mouth" recruitment by understanding what types of volunteers are right for your program. The role that social media can play in engaging the volunteer of the future. Baby Boomers, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Millenials, Staff Training, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources Training Materials
GenerationOn Projects, Ideas and Resources Looking for possible library volunteer projects for kids, teens and/or families? Check out GenerationOn's projects and resources to get some ideas. You'll need to set up a free account to access these materials -- the ideas are worth it! Millenials Teens, family volunteering Training Materials
Millenials and Volunteering: Bridging the Generation Gap Every day my LinkedIn feed and various business magazines are filled with articles about Millennials. Generally, the writer advises the reader on how to “manage” this group in the workplace and often seems to have a “these kids nowadays” tone. Through my work at New York Cares (with staff members and volunteers), I have also been exposed firsthand to Millennial’s great passion for community service. In its report on an Associated Press-GfK poll on December 29 the New York Times gave me data to support my optimism (which is a rare but welcome occurrence). The poll found an increase in young Americans who say that “citizens have a ‘very important obligation’ to volunteer.” Millenials Millenials, young volunteers, Recruitment Training Materials
Millenials Want to Make a Serious Impact This blog post from describes the Millenial generation -- the 80 million born between 1980 and 2000 -- and their interest in participating for "social good." Great tips on how you can attract this goldmine of potential volunteers, rather than turning them off. Millenials Millenials Training Materials
Millennials Want To Make a Serious Impact and You Can Help Insights into how to engage the Millennial Generation as volunteers and donors, and how you might be turning them off. Volunteer Recruitment, Millenials Millennials, Recruitment Training Materials
Skilled Volunteer Interview: Social Media Specialist This is a 4 minute interview with a volunteer who served as a Social Media Specialist for the California State Library. Her volunteer Position Description can be found here: Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Millenials Skilled Volunteers, Millennials, social media, virtual Training Materials
Target Market Success Story: Teen Volunteer This 5 minute success story is an interview with a library teen volunteer coordinator and one of her awesome teen volunteers talking about what makes them successful. Millenials Teen Training Materials


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