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Meet the Volunteer Management Team, Monrovia (CA) Public Library (Part 1) In this 4-minute video, meet the Volunteer Management Team at Monrovia Public Library and learn how MPL uses volunteer leaders to expand and improve their volunteer impact. See also Part 2 of the video (Tips and Strategies). Baby Boomers, Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers high-impact volunteers, volunteer leaders, leadership, Video, volunteer coordinator Training Materials
Volunteer Management Team, Tips and Strategies - Monrovia (CA) Public Library (Part 2) Don't have a full time volunteer coordinator at your library? In this 3 minute video, learn how Monrovia has engaged high impact volunteers as a "Volunteer Management Team" to ensure that all the important tasks get completed! See also: "Meet the Volunteer Management Team - Part 1" about how Monrovia Public Library uses volunteer leaders to plan, coordinate and support their overall volunteer program. Baby Boomers, Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers volunteer team, volunteer leaders, high-impact volunteers, volunteer coordinator, leadership, Video Training Materials
Why Company Sponsored Volunteer Programs are Keeping Millennials Happy at Work What motivates millennials to stay in a job is having an impact on corporate social responsibility. Volunteer Recruitment, Millenials Millennials, high-impact volunteers, Recruitment Training Materials
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