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50 Project Ideas for Skilled Volunteers A wonderful list of skilled volunteer project ideas from VolunteerPro. Leadership/Managerial, Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers Position Descriptions
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator - State Library, CA When the California state library dramatically increased the number of volunteer positions in the library, that of course meant more work for those of us who recruit and manage volunteers, so we posted this position on VolunteerMatch and got a tremendous person. You can see a short interview with here here: Leadership/Managerial, Outreach volunteer coordinator, Volunteer Recruitment Position Descriptions
Circulation Clerk Leadership/Managerial, Materials Handling Circulation Assistant, self check assistant Photo
Circulation Clerk Leadership/Managerial, Materials Handling Circulation Assistant, self check assistant Photo
Community Connections Coordinator - San Jose, CA This San Jose Public Library volunteer job description is for someone to oversee and implement strategies that involved the library in key community initiatives. This volunteer recruits and manages a team of volunteers who help make this happen. Leadership/Managerial, Program/Project Coordinator Position Descriptions
Computer Coach Program Coordinator - Huntington Beach CA The Huntington Beach Public Library Computer Coach Program Coordinator, in partnership with Library Management, oversees the Computer Coach program and leads a highly skilled group of Computer Coaches. These Coaches provide hands-on computer assistance to library customers and assist with public computer classes. The Program Coordinator is on the front lines of the emerging public library trend of expanded roles for volunteers. Computer - Tech Coach, Leadership/Managerial, Program/Project Coordinator leadership, skilled Position Descriptions
Coordinator of Afterschool Programs - San Jose CA The San Jose Public Library recruits experienced volunteers to recruit, train, and lead a creative team of volunteers to supervise an afterschool program for children and teens. Children's Services, Leadership/Managerial, Program/Project Coordinator, Teen/Young Adult Services tutor, Homework Help Position Descriptions
Coordinator, Literacy Outreach Team - San Jose CA This leadership position coordinates outreach activities that enhance the literacy program's presence in the community. Oversees a volunteer team who share literacy program information with the public. Outreach activities take place at library branches, service organizations, and public events throughout the City. The intent is to increase visibility of the program as well as recruit volunteer tutors and adult learners. Adult Literacy, Leadership/Managerial, Outreach, Program/Project Coordinator literacy, skilled, outreach Position Descriptions
ESL Conversation Club Program Coordinator - San Jose CA This volunteer plays a leadership role in coordinator the library's English Conversation Clubs and their volunteer facilitators. Adult Programming, English as a Second Language, Leadership/Managerial English as second language Adult Programming Position Descriptions
Family Literacy "Gift Giver" - San Jose Public Library - CA The Gift Giver coordinates the distribution of children’s books and family materials to parents, guardians and children who participate in the family literacy program. Adult Literacy, Children's Services, Leadership/Managerial, Program/Project Coordinator literacy, family literacy, skilled Position Descriptions


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