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Adult Literacy Workplan- San Jose Public Library, CA This work plan created by San Jose Public Library describes outreach strategies to advance the Partners in Reading (PAR) adult literacy program. Desired outcomes are that the community will perceive (Branch/PAR) as an important, vibrant and essential community agency, that long term collaborations are established between (PAR/Branch) and organizations and community groups that are mutually beneficial by increasing resources and support for each of their missions, that program funding is increased, and that volunteers become mentors. Volunteer Engagement Workplans adult literacy, work plan, outreach Management Tool
Arts Program Ambassador - St. Helena, CA St. Helena Public Library recruits volunteers to lead their engagement and coordination of artists and supporters of arts and culture initiatives at the library. Arts arts, ambassadors, outreach, culture Position Descriptions
Community Programs Specialist - Kern County, CA Kern County Library recruits professionals to create and publicize library program events on topics with broad community appeal. Adult Programming programs, adults, outreach, marketing, promotion Position Descriptions
Coordinator, Literacy Outreach Team - San Jose CA This leadership position coordinates outreach activities that enhance the literacy program's presence in the community. Oversees a volunteer team who share literacy program information with the public. Outreach activities take place at library branches, service organizations, and public events throughout the City. The intent is to increase visibility of the program as well as recruit volunteer tutors and adult learners. Adult Literacy, Leadership/Managerial, Outreach, Program/Project Coordinator literacy, skilled, outreach Position Descriptions
Fundraising Executive Coordinator - Roseville CA Roseville Public Library recruits volunteer leaders to plan, coordinate and carry out fundraising activities and events for the library. Fundraising and Grantwriting, Leadership/Managerial fundraising, advocacy, fund development, outreach Position Descriptions
Homebound Service ToolKit - Texas Libraries have a long tradition of providing outreach to underserved populations and are committed to providing access to all, even people who are unable to travel to the library. This ToolKit, developed in 2011 by North Texas Library Partners (NTLP) with a grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, provides useful information for libraries wishing to develop, improve, or expand library services to homebound individuals. The ToolKit was developed from data collected over the course of a year-long Homebound Project with three public libraries of varying sizes, and is aimed at libraries of all sizes wishing to develop or expand outreach programs to homebound individuals in rural, suburban, and urban settings. Outreach, Program/Project Coordinator, Job Specific Volunteer Training Homebound, outreach Position Descriptions
Outreach Ambassador Workplan - Marin County, CA Work plan created by Marin County Library to prepare for creating a volunteer outreach ambassador program. Volunteer Engagement Workplans outreach Management Tool
Outreach Work Plan- San Jose Public Library, CA The outreach plan developed by the San Jose Public Library seeks the following outcomes: the community perceives library as an important, vibrant and essential community agency there is consistent involvement of library on boards, councils and major decision-making groups in community, the library establishes long term collaborations with organizations and community groups that mutually benefit those involved with increased resources and support for each of their missions, increased program funding is increased, volunteers become mentors and make skilled contributions to the library. Volunteer Engagement Workplans outreach, advocacy, promotion Management Tool
Veterans Community Outreach Specialist - CA California public libraries, in partnership with California Department of Veterans Affairs, are working to connect veterans and their families to benefits and services for which they are eligible. Libraries, in collaboration with community veteran service organizations, can positively impact the quality of life for veterans. They have created two volunteer positions for libraries to utilize -- Veterans Benefits Coach and Veterans Community Outreach Specialist. Adult Programming, Outreach Veterans, Adult, outreach Position Descriptions
Waiting Room Reader - San Mateo County, CA San Mateo County Library volunteers share the love of reading with families in six low-income medical clinics in San Mateo County Children's Services, Early Literacy, Outreach orientation, children, outreach Position Descriptions
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