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Community Connections Coordinator - San Jose, CA

This San Jose Public Library volunteer job description is for someone to oversee and implement strategies that involved the library in ke

Position Descriptions 2011
Computer Coach Program Coordinator - Huntington Beach CA

The Huntington Beach Public Library Computer Coach Program Coordinator, in partnership with Library Management, oversees the Computer Coa

Position Descriptions leadership, skilled 2012
Coordinator of Afterschool Programs - San Jose CA

The San Jose Public Library recruits experienced volunteers to recruit, train, and lead a creative team of volunteers to supervise an aft

Position Descriptions tutor, Homework Help 2011
Coordinator, Literacy Outreach Team - San Jose CA

This leadership position coordinates outreach activities that enhance the literacy program's presence in the community.

Position Descriptions literacy, skilled, outreach 2012
Coordinator, Teen Services - San Jose CA

San Jose Public Library recruits volunteer leaders to develop and coordinate community service opportunities, and engage youth to serve i

Position Descriptions coordinator, Teens, community service 2011
Coordinator- Computer Instruction - San Jose CA

San Jose Public Library recruits skilled volunteers to coordinate volunteer instructors that provide individual or small group basic comp

Position Descriptions coordinator, computer, adult literacy 2011
Digital Storytelling Project Lead - Berkeley CA

Berkeley Public Library engages skilled volunteers to assist in the production of first-person histories of community members that have v

Position Descriptions digital storytelling, marketing, promotion, videography 2011
Family Literacy "Gift Giver" - San Jose Public Library - CA

The Gift Giver coordinates the distribution of children’s books and family materials to parents, guardians and children who participate i

Position Descriptions literacy, family literacy, skilled 2012
Food Pantry Program Help - Dayton OH

A job description from the Dayton Ohio library for a volunteer who helps with their partnership program with the Dayton Food Bank.

Position Descriptions 2024
Games Coordinator Photo chess club
Group of people in a meeting Photo Board Member Advisory Council Focus Group Facilitator Committee Chair
Group Outside the library Photo Grounds Beautification Leader, Gardener, Landscape Assistant
Group outside the library Photo Grounds Beautification Leader, Gardener, Landscape Help
Homebound Service ToolKit - Texas

Libraries have a long tradition of providing outreach to underserved populations and are committed to providing access to all, even peopl

Position Descriptions Homebound, outreach 2011
Homework Club Coordinator - San Jose CA

Lead a team of homework coach volunteers.

Position Descriptions homework, children 2011
Homework Club Scholastic Supervisor - San Jose CA

At the San Jose Public Library, this volunteer provides on-site leadership to the homework club at the library by:

Position Descriptions Homework Help 2014
Homework Help Program Coordinator - Torrance CA

Torrance Public Library recruits skilled volunteers to coordinate and lead the Homework Help Program including recruitment of volunteer t

Position Descriptions Homework Help Teen, tutor, mentor 2011
Literacy Site Coordinator -- San Luis Obispo CA

Organizes and manages a literacy learning center which supports tutors and learners to ensure that an effective educational program takes

Position Descriptions literacy, skilled 2012
Man and woman working together Photo Project Team, Committee Member, Program Assistant, Business Coach, tutor
Man and woman working together Photo Project Team, Committee Member, tutor, Business Coach