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14 Volunteer Interview Questions

A good place to start when planning your volunteer interview practices.

Volunteer Screening / Interviewing
Management Tool 2015
Adult Literacy Math Tutor - Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Public Library's literacy program developed this Math Tutor volunteer position description when they found the need to ex
Adult Literacy

Position Descriptions 2013
How Changing Our Volunteer Interview Approach Increased our Retention Rate by 30%

Elisa Kosarin of Twenty Hats describes Behavior-based interviewing, and how its implementation in her situation helped to increased the q
Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Interviewing Volunteers

Training Materials 2017
Interviewer Traps -- Energize

Some great tips for interviewers of volunteers.

Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Interviewing Volunteers
Management Tool 2015
Interviewing Resources

A great assortment of resources to assist with your volunteer interviewing and screening practices.

Interviewing Volunteers
Management Tool 2013
Library Volunteer Leaders Meetings Notes - October 2021

During COVID-19, Wendy Johnson, CVA, Volunteer Engagement Specialist at the Indianapolis Public Library, brought together a nationwide gr

Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2021
Volunteer Background Checks: Giving Back without Giving Up on Privacy

How do nonprofit organizations screen volunteers? There are several options.
Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Capacity Building Staff Training

Training Materials 2018
Volunteer Screener

Such a great idea from Jayne Cravens, Coyote Communications.

Leadership / Managerial
Position Descriptions 2021