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4 Steps to Grow Your Volunteer Program with LinkedIn Learn how to use LinkedIn and a free VolunteerMatch tool to extend your online recruitment reach to millions of potential volunteers on LinkedIn. Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch, On-line Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources LinkedIn, social media, Recruitment Management Tool
Brave New World of Engaging Skilled Volunteers Have you thought about how volunteers with specific skills could help ? This 50 minute webinar by VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn For Good to learn why skilled volunteerism is important, and how to use VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn's partnership to make your volunteer opportunities available and visible to potential volunteers on both sites. Volunteer Recruitment, Capacity Building, Millenials, On-line Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources VolunteerMatch, Volunteer Recruitment, LinkedIn Training Materials
Small Library VolunteerMatch Success -- Johnson City TX In this 4 & 1/2 minute video, Johnson City Texas Library Director, Maggie Goodman, shares her successful experience in posting a need for IT volunteers on VolunteerMatch. (Johnson City has a population of 1,656, and the library's service area encompasses about 5,000 people). These skilled volunteers found Maggie's need through a special volunteer recruitment relationship between LinkedIn and VolunteerMatch. They are volunteering on a regular basis, and just agreed to help set up the Library's new Maker Space! The 1 hour 2017 webinar from which this clip is taken can be viewed in its entirety here: Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, On-line Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources rural, small, maker space, LinkedIn, VolunteerMatch Training Materials
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