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Adult Literacy Workplan- San Jose Public Library This work plan created by San Jose Public Library describes outreach strategies to advance the Partners in Reading (PAR) adult literacy program. Desired outcomes are that the community will perceive (Branch/PAR) as an important, vibrant and essential community agency, that long term collaborations are established between (PAR/Branch) and organizations and community groups that are mutually beneficial by increasing resources and support for each of their missions, that program funding is increased, and that volunteers become mentors. Volunteer Engagement Workplans adult literacy, work plan, outreach Management Tool
Computer Coach Workplan - Huntington Beach Work plan created by Huntington Beach Public Library to prepare for creating a volunteer computer coach program. Volunteer Engagement Workplans computer coach Management Tool
Homework Help Work Plan- Torrance Public Library The Torrance Public Library Homework Help program seeks the following outcomes: Students will be better prepared for exams and achieve better grades, children will be less frustrated with their homework, and parents will regard the Library more favorably and consider it a component of their child's education. Volunteer Engagement Workplans after-school, tutor, homework Management Tool
Homework Help Workplan -- Torrance Work plan created by Torrance Public Library to prepare for creating a volunteer homework help program. Volunteer Engagement Workplans Homework Help Management Tool
Library Community Arts Initiative Workplan -- St. Helena Workplan written by St. Helena Public Library towards development of a volunteer driven community arts initiative. Volunteer Engagement Workplans workplan, arts, partnerships Management Tool
Outreach Ambassador Work Plan- Marin County Library The Marin County Library plan to expand outreach ambassadors seeks to garner additional volunteers, increased awareness of the library and its role in making the community a great place to live, greater community support for the library, and to help the library fulfill mission of providing a broad range of culture, information and knowledge to the public. Volunteer Engagement Workplans outreach ambassadors, promotion, advocacy Management Tool
Outreach Ambassador Workplan - Marin County Work plan created by Marin County Library to prepare for creating a volunteer outreach ambassador program. Volunteer Engagement Workplans outreach Management Tool
Outreach Work Plan- San Jose Public Library The outreach plan developed by the San Jose Public Library seeks the following outcomes: the community perceives library as an important, vibrant and essential community agency there is consistent involvement of library on boards, councils and major decision-making groups in community, the library establishes long term collaborations with organizations and community groups that mutually benefit those involved with increased resources and support for each of their missions, increased program funding is increased, volunteers become mentors and make skilled contributions to the library. Volunteer Engagement Workplans outreach, advocacy, promotion Management Tool
St. Helena Community Arts Volunteer Engagement Work Plan This work plan describes the St. Helena Public Library Community Arts initiative which aims to extend its reach into new areas of the community through art, facilitate connections between individuals, businesses, organizations, and other entities throughout the community as an arts education resource, and establish the library as the “third place” for St. Helena residents. Volunteer Engagement Workplans arts, volunteer engagement, work plan Management Tool
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