National Assn of Counties - Volunteer Toolbox

The National Association of Counties (NACo), along with its affiliate, The National Association of Volunteer
Programs in Local Government (NAVPLG) promotes volunteerism in local government and assists counties in
their efforts to organize and expand volunteer programs. Working in almost every area of county government
operations, volunteers enable local governments to provide more services to residents.
With the current national economic outlook, the call for volunteers has recently taken on a new sense of
urgency. The use of volunteers provides an opportunity for county government leaders to address local needs
by engaging citizens through action and collaboration. By getting citizens involved, leaders can build more
innovative, cost-effective volunteer programs.

This revised edition of The Volunteer Toolbox is part of NACo’s effort to provide local governments with information
and resources to establish and expand volunteer programs. More than a practical guide, The Volunteer
Toolbox is a recipe for creating energized and healthy communities that build on the strength of volunteer
service. Given the opportunity, citizens will heed your call to public service, and your community will benefit
immeasurably from their volunteerism.