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Importance of Meaningful Written Volunteer Job Descriptions Video clip on this topic from a Get Involved Volunteer Engagement Institute in Oakland California in May 2015. (14 minutes) Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Training Materials
In Lieu of Money, Toyota Donates Efficiency to New York Charity This New York Times article provides an excellent example of a company providing their skilled volunteers to address the needs of a volunteer organization. Engaging High Impact Volunteers skilled, Skilled Volunteers Training Materials
Interviewing Volunteers- Jill Friedman Fixler As part of a day-long training, Jill Friedman Fixler provides guidelines and tips to effectively interview prospective volunteers. Search for additional training videos from the day on this site. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Interviewing Volunteers, Staff Training Video Training Materials
Meet the Volunteer Management Team, Monrovia (CA) Public Library (Part 1) In this 4-minute video, meet the Volunteer Management Team at Monrovia Public Library and learn how MPL uses volunteer leaders to expand and improve their volunteer impact. See also Part 2 of the video (Tips and Strategies). Baby Boomers, Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers high-impact volunteers, volunteer leaders, leadership, Video, volunteer coordinator Training Materials
Partners in Reading Leadership Team, San Jose, CA In this 2-minute interview with Judy Klikun, you will learn about engaging volunteer leaders, building teams and developing advocates for the library. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers adult literacy, Video, leadership team, team leaders, tutor Training Materials
Putting Corporate Volunteers to Work This one-hour webinar (2012) presents evaluation points to help volunteer managers determine if their program is ready to engage, or expand the use of volunteers from local corporations and businesses. Effective practices for engagement, ideas for diversifying the work and commitment level of corporate volunteers, the importance of creating opportunities with measurable impacts, and communicating those impacts are discussed. Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources business partnerships, group volunteering, corporate relations Training Materials
Recruitment Success Story - Flagstaff Arizona In this 4 minute video, Claudine from the Flagstaff library talks about her successes in finding a volunteer to serve as her assistant volunteer engagement coordinator, and in implementing online booksales with volunteers which has translated into thousands of dollars for the library. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers online booksales, Book sale Training Materials
Reimagining Service in California- Karen Baker Karen Brown, Secretary of Service and Volunteering in California, discusses trends in skilled volunteering at the Get Involved: Powered By Your Library institute in 2010. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Video, trends Training Materials
Rethinking Volunteer Recognition This 2018 archived Webinar from Verified Volunteers presents research shows that there is a disconnect between what volunteers are seeking in terms of recognition and what organizations actually are providing and describes how you can rethink recognition and consider how your organization can align recognition efforts more closely with what volunteers actually want. Learning Objectives: • Become familiar with the latest research on volunteer recognition and how proper screening fits into this big picture • Gain tools to assess your organization’s culture of appreciation • Understand how to tailor recognition to different volunteer motivational styles • Learn to plan strategically for volunteer recognition Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers recognition Training Materials
Revitalizing Library Volunteer Engagement One hour archived recording of a WebJunction webinar: Library volunteerism is evolving. Gone are the days of looking for tasks to keep your volunteers busy. Libraries are now enlisting high impact volunteers who are bringing unique skills and expertise to enhance the library’s mission. Join us to learn how you can harness the power of skilled volunteers in your community and hear success stories of innovative volunteer engagement in libraries of all sizes and budgets. Participants in this webinar will learn how to: Identify what motivates potential local and virtual volunteers and how to ensure the right fit Utilize skilled volunteers at the library Design volunteer job descriptions and targeted recruitment plans Earn staff buy-in and other strategies for successful volunteer engagement Volunteers can be your strongest advocates, helping you gain funding and recruit human resources. This webinar will help libraries and library groups revitalize volunteer engagement and grow their community of advocates and supporters. Presented by: Carla Lehn, principal consultant of the Lehn Group, former Library Programs Consultant of California State Library, and author of the new book, From Library Volunteer to Library Advocate: Tapping into the Power of Community Engagement. Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Engaging Staff and Unions, On-line Volunteer Recruitment Training Materials


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