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Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking the Value of Volunteers What if the way nonprofits and companies are currently engaging volunteers is all wrong? How can we make sure we’re strategically involving the core value of volunteers to provide maximum impact? This one hour webinar describes the key principles of the Reimagining Service initiative, and provides an overview of research that shows that organizations that strategically leverage volunteers outperform peer organizations on all measures of organizational capacity, AND have greater impact. A key comment from the webinar: "Organizations that make volunteers central to their work and manage them well are able to generate 3 to 6 times the community value from volunteers as the cost to manage them." Presenters include Bobbi Silten, President of the Gap Foundation; Amy Smith, Points of Light; Karen Baker, California Volunteers; and Greg Baldwin, President of VolunteerMatch. Strategic Planning, Capacity Building, Engaging Staff and Unions Management Tool
Goal Setting Worksheet Need a format for setting goals and developing action plans for your program? Here's a template from VolunteerMatch. Strategic Planning Management Tool
HandsOn Network Volunteer Leader Guidebook This guide was developed for volunteer leaders to learn how to create well managed projects that have a positive impact. It's organized to help you meet community needs, effectively plan and manage projects, and connects you to tools and resources that can be adapted for your use. Strategic Planning planning Management Tool
Organization Strategic Plan featuring Volunteerism Goals Check out the American Diabetes Association's Strategic Plan, which calls our actual goals for the volunteer program on pages 22 - 24. Reimagining Service -- a kind of "Think Tank" for volunteerism issues has suggested with their "Principle #2" that organizations should make volunteerism a core strategic function, not an add on. That volunteer engagement is as important as the fund development aspect of the organization. Strategic Planning Management Tool
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