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Archivist Adult Programming historian, history, curator, genealogy, local history Photo
California History Photo Archivist - California State Library The glass plate negative collection from the Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915 needs some TLC. The volunteer in this position will have the incredible opportunity to be “up close and personal” with this one-of-a-kind collection, and will play a key role in ensuring its availability to the public online in time for its 100th anniversary. Duties include careful removal and handling of 100 year old glass negatives from their 100 year old storage envelopes, and using a light table, examine each negative for identification, reviewing accompanying cards for additional information, then transfer identifying information about each negative into a template in the library’s online catalog. Materials Handling, Tech Services history, photography Position Descriptions
Historian Adult Programming curator, archivist, history, local history Photo
Japanese American History Archivist - CA This position at the state library works with the catalogs on getting a special collection ready for catalogueing and access by the public. Tech Services history, archive Position Descriptions
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