ESL Coordinator - VolunteerMatch

This sample job description was created by Jennifer Bennett, CVA, Senior Manager of Education and Training at VolunteerMatch for use in her March 25, 2020 one hour webinar: "Writing Accurate & Useful Volunteer Position Descriptions.

You can find the one hour archived video here:…


Other handouts used during the session can be found here:

Sample Tech Helper Volunteer Position Description:…

Position Description Template:

A second Volunteer Job Description Template developed by Carla Lehn of the Get Involved Initiative can be found here:

In addition to these, remember that you can search for volunteer job descriptions created by your peers in the Get Involved Clearinghouse. Click on "Position Descriptions," then use the keyword dropdown menu to find positions of interest in a variety of library programs. You can download and revise them to meet your specific needs.