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When Recognition Hurts Recruitment (and what we might do about it) Ask yourself if how you’re publicizing volunteer recognition might be sending an unwanted message to new potential recruits Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Volunteer Recognition: Matching Motivation to Rewards A great summary of findings on volunteer recognition and why people volunteer from Volunteer Alberta from the Canada volunteer survey. Volunteer Recognition recognition, why people volunteer Management Tool
Volunteer Recognition: Just Say No To Years of Service Awards In this 15 minute podcast, Carol Dixon, Director of Mission Services & Volunteer Resources at Providence Health Care, draws on over 35 years in volunteer engagement (and a healthy sense of humour!) to provide a number of examples of high-impact volunteer recognition that won’t break the bank. From Carol’s vantage point, the key is to invest in thoughtful, individualized volunteer recognition. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Volunteer Recognition Model - University of Kentucky, 4-H This model was developed as a tool for Extension agents and volunteer administrators to use in designing their own comprehensive volunteer recognition program. It may give you some ideas about how to plan for recognition. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Volunteer Exit Interview Example Without a library example of a volunteer Exit Interview, we found this one which can be used as an initial template. Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers, Volunteer Handbooks Volunteer Recognition Management Tool
Sample Volunteer Survey - Nonprofit Connect Here's a sample volunteer recognition survey you could consider modifying to meet your needs. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Sample Volunteer Recognition Survey - SurveyMonkey A sample survey you could modify to fit your needs. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Recognizing Online Volunteers and Using the Intern In this article, Jayne Cravens describes how to use the Internet to recognize the efforts of ALL volunteers, both those who perform most of their service from home, work, school or other remote computers, and those who perform their service onsite, face-to-face. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Exploding the Big Banquet: An Incendiary Analysis Do our Present Volunteers Require Annual Banqueting? Maybe some do, but not as many as some seem to think. Among myriad motivation studies I have seen, none gives as a reason people volunteer in the first place or continue to do so, "the prospect of formal recognition." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard of just about every incentive except this. Extrinsically motivated volunteers do need rewards beyond the work itself-- pins, buttons, badges, public praise, etc. But this certainly includes a lot of daily things; you can hardly expect such folks to survive an entire year between annual bashes, without such extrinsic rewards. Even at the annual banquet, if praise, certificates, etc. are bestowed on relatively few volunteers, it only makes the unsung extrinsic volunteer feel more deprived. By contrast, intrinsically motivated volunteers derive their motivation mainly from the inside: the work itself and the cause it contributes to. There is at least an implication that intrinsically motivated people are likely to be exceptionally dedicated, outstanding volunteers, who do not need regular infusions of "outside" rewards, and may actually be turned off by them. Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool
Don't Just Recognize Volunteers, Invest in Them . . . and in Yourself Rather than spending time and money on the typical recognition event or gift, consider taking the time to recognize their talents and invest in your volunteers. Consider helping volunteers to evolve within your organization to explore new challenges or assume leadership responsibilities. (Energize, Inc., Blogpost, 2018) Volunteer Recognition recognition Management Tool


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