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Volunteer Position Descriptions- Jill Friedman Fixler As part of a day-long training, Jill Friedman Fixler discusses how to design position descriptions that attract and engage volunteers in high-impact roles. Search for additional training videos from the day on this site. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Video, job descriptions Training Materials
Gaining Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement This chart created by Carla Lehn identifies the common reasons that staff are resistant to the idea of engaging volunteers in their work, and suggests some strategies to overcome them. Capacity Building, Staff Training staff buy-in Training Materials
Volunteer Sustainability vs. Retention -- Carla Lehn I often get asked – how do we retain volunteers – meaning how to we keep them longer. Here’s the news about baby boomers and the generations that follow – they may not stay as long as volunteers of previous generations. I created this document to help think about not necessarily "retaining" the volunteer for the rest of their lives, but how to "sustain" the work if/when a volunteer leaves. Baby Boomers, Staff Training Confidentiality Forms, Recruitment Training Materials
Supervising Volunteers Mary V. Merrill's thoughts on volunteer supervision and delegation. Staff Training supervising, supervision, delegation Training Materials
Volunteer Background Checks: Giving Back without Giving Up on Privacy How do nonprofit organizations screen volunteers? There are several options. The choices depend largely on the volunteer job involved and the organization’s policy as to what information is necessary to “clear” the candidate. Almost certainly, a volunteer background check will include a criminal history check. To find out whether an applicant or volunteer has a criminal past, a nonprofit organization may have access to state and federal criminal history repositories. Organizations may also employ professional background screening companies. Many commercial companies that perform employee screening have established programs specifically for nonprofit organizations seeking to check volunteers. Volunteer Screening/Interviewing, Capacity Building, Staff Training background checks, screening Training Materials
ESL Conversation Circles Toolkit This wiki from could be useful for staff designing and implementing ESL Conversation Circles, and also for training ESL Conversation Circle volunteers. Job Specific Volunteer Training, Staff Training Training Materials
Demonstrating ROI in Volunteer Engagement You know your volunteers do valuable work -- but how do you know which of their results will be most compelling to the decision makers in your communities? Join Jennifer Rackow from The JFFixler Group for a one hour webinar and learn the kinds of results to look for, questions you can ask to uncover them, and considerations about who tells these stories about your library's investment in volunteer engagement. (60 minute archived webinar) Publicity and Promotion, Capacity Building, Staff Training ROI, evaluation, budget justification, Webinar Training Materials
Success & Sustainability Factors Video clip on this topic from a Get Involved Volunteer Engagement Institute in Oakland California in May 2015. (17.5 minutes) Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Sustainability, retention Training Materials
Bibliography on Volunteer Engagement Bibliography and Web Resources on Volunteer Engagement. Capacity Building, Staff Training Baby Boomers, bibliography, Lehn Training Materials
ASCLA Library Accessibility ToolKits An excellent list prepared by ASCLA of links to resources that can help in a number of areas including: Autism Spectrum Disorders, blind, deaf, mental health issues, and many more. Capacity Building, Staff Training disabilities Training Materials


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