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Skills Based Service Engagement Tool Before getting started on a skills-based volunteer project, there are things you can do to ensure that your organization is ready and that skills-based volunteers ─ experienced business professionals offering their expertise in areas like IT, finance, strategy, marketing, or design ─ are the right solution to meet your need. Successful projects require an alignment of organizational needs, a clearly defined project scope, and leadership and staff buy-in. The Skills-Based Service Engagement Tool created by Points of Light and Taproot Foundation in partnership with ConAgra Foods Foundation prompts you with the right questions to help you assess your organization’s readiness to take on this important work. The tool will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. After you complete the assessment, we will send you an email with your organization’s rating in each category as well as insights and recommendations to help your organization strengthen its effectiveness in engaging skills-based volunteers. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Skills Based Volunteers Training Materials
How Talent (Not Money) WIll Transform Your Organization The world is full of educated, experienced, talented people who care about community. They are passionate about causes. And they are willing – even yearning – to contribute strategy, expertise and skills to your organization. They are looking for meaningful, time-specific projects. They crave opportunities to act as project managers, legal advisors, financial strategists, online marketing gurus, business coaches, HR consultants (the list is endless). Sadly, nonprofit organizations are not yet stepping up to offer the opportunities these talented people desire. There are very few opportunities designed with these people in mind. Capacity Building, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Staff Training Skilled Volunteers Training Materials
Volunteers: More Work? or More Work Force? - Idaho Commission for Libraries This is a 30 minute archived webinar, presented May 15, 2017 by Sheila Winther, Volunteer Coordinator for the Idaho Commission for Libraries. This is a great introduction or reminder of key roles of the volunteer coordinator. Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers, Capacity Building, Staff Training volunteer coordinator Training Materials
Working with Volunteers who have Full Time Jobs This 5 minute video explores working with volunteers who have full time jobs with Cathy from the Sacramento Public Library, and one of her working volunteers, Natasha. Another approach to working with volunteers with full time jobs is to consider "virtual volunteer" opportunities. You can watch a 4 minute interview about that here: Capacity Building, Staff Training Training Materials
Help for the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator This is a 3 minute interview with volunteer Kellie, who can on board as our volunteer Assistant Volunteer Coordinator at the California State Library. You can find her volunteer job description here: Leadership/Managerial, Staff Training Training Materials
Skilled Volunteer Interview: Public Relations Strategist Watch this 6 minute interview with Dan, a highly skilled Public Relations volunteer who came aboard to create a statewide PR campaign for California's library literacy service. You can find his volunteer job description here: Graphic Design, Marketing and Publicity, Capacity Building, Staff Training Training Materials
Volunteers are the Reputational Assets Your Organization is Overlooking A great reminder in a brief article by Erin Rebecca Spink. Capacity Building, Staff Training Training Materials
ESL Conversation Circles Toolkit This wiki from could be useful for staff designing and implementing ESL Conversation Circles, and also for training ESL Conversation Circle volunteers. Job Specific Volunteer Training, Staff Training Training Materials
How to Turn Away Volunteers and Still Have an OK Day In this August, 2017 article, Elisa Kosarin shares her basics for making this difficult experience manageable. Volunteer Screening/Interviewing, Interviewing Volunteers, Staff Training Training Materials
Virtual Volunteer - 4 minute interview This 4 minute interview is with a volunteer who couldn't come to the library to volunteer, but still wanted to help with her high level social media skills. Hear she and the library's volunteer engagement coordinator talk about how they made it work to fit both their needs. Her title is "Social Media Specialist," and the job description can be found in the Position Description section of this Clearinghouse. Capacity Building, Staff Training virtual volunteer Training Materials


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