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Addressing Common Staff Concerns About Volunteers This is adapted from Carla Lehn's book, "Volunteer Involvement in California Libraries: Best Practices." The complete book may be found online here: Also, Carla's online course in volunteer engagement is available free here: Engaging Staff and Unions Staff Resistance Training Materials
Arizona's Buckeye Library Shares it's Experience with Get Involved In this 6 minute video, Krista Cornish, Buckeye Library's (AZ) Volunteer Engagement Coordinator shares her library's experience and best practices learned through her participation in the Get Involved: Powered by Your Library initiative. Capacity Building, Engaging Staff and Unions Training Materials
Benefits of Using Skilled Volunteers in the LIbrary Video clip on this topic from a Get Involved Volunteer Engagement Institute in Oakland California in May 2015. (9 minutes) Engaging High Impact Volunteers, Engaging Staff and Unions Training Materials
Build Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement Often one of the biggest challenges to a new model of volunteer engagement is the resistance of paid staff. Often attitudes and fears of our co-workers prevent us from expanding the work that volunteers do. But, if you've never worked with volunteers before, it can be scary. In this webinar we'll discuss strategies for working with paid staff to engage volunteers in libraries. We'll cover what you can do to alleviate some of those fears and how you can train and support your coworkers as they become responsible for managing volunteers. What You'll Learn: • How to assess the feelings and attitudes of paid staff around working with volunteers. • What does paid staff need to know about working with volunteers. • How to create a communication plan to talk to paid staff about working with volunteers. Facilitator: Jennifer Bennett, CVA - Jennifer Bennett is the Senior Manager of Education & Training at VolunteerMatch. Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers, Capacity Building, Engaging Staff and Unions Staff Resistance, staff buy-in Training Materials
Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking the Value of Volunteers What if the way nonprofits and companies are currently engaging volunteers is all wrong? How can we make sure we’re strategically involving the core value of volunteers to provide maximum impact? This one hour webinar describes the key principles of the Reimagining Service initiative, and provides an overview of research that shows that organizations that strategically leverage volunteers outperform peer organizations on all measures of organizational capacity, AND have greater impact. A key comment from the webinar: "Organizations that make volunteers central to their work and manage them well are able to generate 3 to 6 times the community value from volunteers as the cost to manage them." Presenters include Bobbi Silten, President of the Gap Foundation; Amy Smith, Points of Light; Karen Baker, California Volunteers; and Greg Baldwin, President of VolunteerMatch. Strategic Planning, Capacity Building, Engaging Staff and Unions Management Tool
Changing Organizational Culture to Engage Volunteers This thoughtful article from the Minnesota Children's Museum suggests ways to engage staff and volunteers together more effectively by answering commonly asked questions. Capacity Building, Engaging Staff and Unions, Staff Training Training Materials
Collaborating with Unions to Engage Volunteers - San Jose Tips for collaborating with the union for volunteer engagement developed and used successfully by San Jose Public Library. Engaging Staff and Unions Unions Training Materials
Confidentiality and Other Objections to Volunteers Susan Ellis writes eloquently on how to overcome staff objections to volunteer engagement. Engaging Staff and Unions staff buy-in Training Materials
Demonstrating ROI (Return on Investment) in Volunteer Engagement You know your volunteers do valuable work -- but how do you know which of their results will be most compelling to the decision makers in your communities? In this one-hour webinar, Jennifer Rackow (JFFixler Group) outlines the kinds of results to look for, questions you can ask to uncover them, and considerations about who tells these stories about your library's investment in volunteer engagement. Capacity Building, Engaging Staff and Unions Video, program evaluation, outcome measurement Management Tool
Getting Management Buy In for Volunteers Volunteerism consultant Susan Ellis gives tips for staff on steps to take to get management on board with and supportive of the volunteer program. Engaging Staff and Unions Training Materials


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