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In Lieu of Money, Toyota Donates Efficiency to New York Charity
This New York Times article provides an excellent example of a company providing their skilled volunteers to address the needs of a volunteer organization.
Interviewing Volunteers- Jill Friedman Fixler
As part of a day-long training, Jill Friedman Fixler provides guidelines and tips to effectively interview prospective volunteers. Search for additional training videos from the day on this site.
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Library Tour Guide Manual - Paso Robles
Guidelines and instructions for volunteers leading tours, primarily of school children, through the library.
Management's Role in Eliminating Staff Resistance to Volunteers in the Library
This 6 & 1/2 minute narrated slide presentation addresses the steps management can take to reduce staff resistance to volunteers in the library. Many thanks to our colleague, Cathy Crosthwaite for creating and sharing it.
Meet the Volunteer Management Team, Monrovia Public Library (Part 1)
In this 4-minute video, meet the Volunteer Management Team at Monrovia Public Library and learn how MPL uses volunteer leaders to expand and improve their volunteer impact. See also Part 2 of the video (Tips and Strategies).
Millenials and Volunteering: Bridging the Generation Gap
Every day my LinkedIn feed and various business magazines are filled with articles about Millennials. Generally, the writer advises the reader on how to “manage” this group in the workplace and often seems to have a “these kids nowadays” tone. Through my work at New York Cares (with staff members and volunteers), I have also been exposed firsthand to Millennial’s great passion for community service. In its report on an Associated Press-GfK poll on December 29 the New York Times gave me data to support my optimism (which is a rare but welcome occurrence).
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Millenials Want to Make a Serious Impact
This blog post from describes the Millenial generation -- the 80 million born between 1980 and 2000 -- and their interest in participating for "social good." Great tips on how you can attract this goldmine of potential volunteers, rather than turning them off.
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Millennials Want To Make a Serious Impact and You Can Help
Insights into how to engage the Millennial Generation as volunteers and donors, and how you might be turning them off.
New Staff Roles- Jennifer Rackow
As part of a day-long training, Jennifer Rackow discusses the changing roles staff play in transforming your volunteer program. Search for other training videos from the day on this site.
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Partners in Reading Leadership Team, San Jose
In this 2-minute interview with Judy Klikun, you will learn about engaging volunteer leaders, building teams and developing advocates for the library.